Jun 15, 2007

let the countdown begin!

this, and the next few posts will be countdowns. no particular reason, just that i liked this one i reprint with persmission from Cynthia.

oh, and i'll have to tell you about last night...snicker...but again, that's another post.
i can't be cute forever. eventually my horns & hoofs come out and the evil takes over...

1. i occasionally will eat buttermilk on my Cocoa Puffs (yes. i will allow you to scream in disgust here)
2. i'm such a wuss, that if i drink caffeinated drinks after 5 pm, i won't be able to sleep at night. well, without the use of either drugs or a rubber mallet.
3. I'd rather freeze in the wintertime than sweat in the summer. (me, too, Cyn. and i don't live in Vegas!)
4. i asked Dave Johnson to King Dren (nerd spelled backwards. remember it from Happy Days? it was our school's version of Sadie Hawkins) in 11th grade. turned me down cold.
5. i was the tallest girl in my 6th grade class. couldn't play basketball to save my life.
6. i would eat breakfast for dinner most every day, if the Husband would let me get away with it
7. i don't like clothes shopping. i want to go in, smack the outfit into submission with my club and drag it back to my cave.
8. the older i get, the more of my "live and let live" attitude towards schmucks goes out the window.
9. the only good thing my dad gave me: my sense of humor.
10. if i don't spend every day checking out all my happy blogs out there, i will wither and die like smarley grapes on a vine. if that's even a word.

coming tomorrow: nine ways to win my heart. take notes: there will be test later that counts for 35% of your final grade.


Allison said...

Holy crap... 35%?! Are you insane?! I will never be able to pass now!

Totally agree with you guys on the freezing in winter thing. It was a sauna in my dorm room allll winter, so when my roommate went home for the weekend, I slept with the window open. Yes, in Wisconsin in the middle of January.

Allison said...

P.S. I sent you an e-mail, hope you got it.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I'm lucky if I got the 5% right! Geesh. You're tough!