Jun 2, 2007


today started like any other weekend day here at Casa O'Mahony. slept in a little. Husband spent the night on the recliner...not because anything happened, he just fell asleep there last night and i could not wake him up. so, after a while, i just decided he could sleep there and if he woke up later, could come to bed.

never did. yay for me!

this a.m., he decides he's going to go in to work. oh joy. so much for us spending some time together. or breakfast. or whatever.

and Yours Truly, coming off the pity party and emotional upheavals of the last few days didn't feel good to boot. nothing horrible, just a little sinus action/headache.
and after watching "The Starter Wife," off he trotted to work.''

after showering, dressing and eating, i started surfing...when the sinus pill i took kicked my butt and off to the Land of Nod i went.

without a passport.

about noonish, the phone woke me up. Husband wanted me to meet him for lunch. i declined, after all, i felt like crap, and still was kinda drugged from the Advil. back to sleep for me.
a little bit later, my cell phone ringing woke me, but still being stoned..er, drugged, i couldn't see my way clear to get up from the couch.

a minute later, the house phone rang. my friend, Kristie, was calling from her truck where she was stranded. the girl lives up in the High Desert/Apple Valley area about a 1.5-2hr. drive from Mostly Smoggy Southern California. and she was stuck down here.
the truck had broke down, she said, and while she had called the Auto Club, they were swamped and wouldn't be out for about two hours.

she's diabetic. her blood sugar was dropping. c-r-a-p.

bright one that i am, i realized that where Brendan is at work, he's not too far from where Kristie is. mind you, Kristie is not sure where she is, only that she's near a park.

so, i grab my cell and call Brendan, and while conference calling, relay where Kristie thinks she is. Brendan, i figure, can grab some OJ, head over, and save the day.

five minutes later, he calls. again. he has to go back to work and can't go save Kristie. so it's up to me. drugged to the gills.

i am mad. i am angry. i am so disappointed in my husband. i don't ask for much, really. and feeling betrayed, i drive down to Santa Ana..about 30 minutes from our place.
you see, when we were at the restaurants with the baby and my friends, watching him sing to the baby was too much for me, so i ended up in the ladies room doing a little sobbing.

like most guys, he's sometimes clueless. had no idea what was going on.

and now i'm picking up the pieces for something i asked him to do.
on the way down, i find a 7-11 (a convenience store here) and grab the largest orange juice i can find.

now i'm panicking. what if i can't find her? what if i get lost? will the paramedics find her if called, since she doesn't even know where she is?

by the grace of God, i end up on the street she says she thinks she's on. luckily for me, it's at the Santa Ana Zoo, where B & i were a few months ago. and with ease, i find her, sitting on her tailgate. i pull up and hand her the oj, as well as some donuts i grabbed from home before i left.
knowing she said the kids were hungry, i asked if i could go to Taco Bell for food.

no need, she says, they just found out that the zoo had a food court they were going to hit. well, drink your oj, i nag, and i am gonna get you some glucose tabs, so you can have them the next time this happens. keep them in the car, and you should always have some crackers in here, too, blah blah blah.

gad, i'm annoying.

after parking, i walk with her to find her kiddos. i'm really worried now, because she's staggering badly. i'm glad i have my wallet, at least then i can shove some food down her gullet.
we walk in the gate and look around the playground..no kids to be seen. over to the food court, again, no young un's.

maybe they're over here, she says, and we go around the corner of the restroom. and there they are. thank hea....

what the hell is my husband doing here? saying happy birthday??


my parents are here. one of my old friends from work is here with her husband.

holy freaking party, Batman. it's a surprise party. for me.

i do not believe this. the Husband actually pulled this off. and daaaang was he mad at me, when i said i didn't want to go to lunch.

well?! i didn't feel good! hel-lo?! 'sides, i had no clue.

not a one.

it takes a lot to render me speechless, kids. a lot.
i had nothing to say. i stood there with my hand over my mouth. "are you still mad, auntie vowel?" the kids ask.
i have nothing to say.

we have El Pollo Loco for lunch. we go on a scavenger hunt. we ride the little train around the park. we eat cake.

and my husband, the king of unplanning (he hates planning things like this) pulled this off. even though, for about an hour, we were both totally pissed at the other.
i'm over it, by the way.

so, while yesterday and Thursday night sucky-sucked-sucked, this really was the capper of my birthday. i've never had one last dang near a week.

and i'm still shaking my head that he pulled this off and that i didn't figure a dang thing out.


Steff said...

Aww, Valerie! That husband of yours is such a sweetie. :)

I'm so glad that you had a terrific party today. It sounds like a lot of fun. You deserve it!

doodlebugmom said...

That is so sweet. I love how your birthday just keeps coming :o)

Mary Ann said...

That is just so cool!!! Hoping someone had their camera with them, since I'm sure you didn't take yours with you to rescue your friend. lol

Allison said...

Aw, that is very sweet!

Melissa said...

Ha ha - I literally laughed out loud when I read this! Who would've thought someone could get something like this past you?

Anonymous said...

Good for hubby! He did good! Glad you decided to forgive. It takes to much energy to be angry!