Jun 29, 2007

more this and less of that.

  • my mom's surgery turned out well...she's feeling pretty perky...mostly because of the Demerol. that'll make anyone feel perky.
  • the clambake was...different. but that's another post. suffice to say, again, that i am a big baby and really do prefer my food to not be in it's original form.and the lobster was.
  • my bestest friend leaves tomorrow for New York City with her kids...do keep her in your prayers that they have a wonderful, safe trip. especially for Kristie...she's as good a flier as i am.
  • looking for Hints from Heloise: anyone got any ideas why my feet & ankles are swollen? i'm certainly not preggers...so is there any other reason?

more on the clambake tomorrow. just a preview: it had eyes. it looked at me. ewwwwwww.



Melissa said...

IT LOOKED AT YOU? I really prefer my food doesn't have eyes. I once ate at Captain D's with Jason when we were first married, and I'd gotten a plate that included a stuffed crab. I PROMISE that thing still had its eyes. I was completely freaked out!

Valerie said...

as was i!! don't look at me! it makes me feel guilty for eating you!

doodlebugmom said...

Puffy feet? Been taking steriods? (My toes got all chubby on me this week...fat pudgy toes, very funny looking). More salt then ususal? I would suggest lots of water, relax this weekend and put your feet up. If its not better in a few days, I would give the doc a call.

doodlebugmom said...

oh, and glad to hear your mom came through surgery well =)