Jun 29, 2007

who needs caffeine?

today started so ordinary. just another boring workday that, thankfully, was a Friday.
which of course means the weekend is here.

Husband left for work before i did, and as i sat to catch a few minutes of the news, our phone rang.

phones ringing that early can not be a good thing.
but no one was there. that was weird, i thought. not nearly as weird as what's going on in London, but...


what th'?

"Orange County Sheriff - OPEN THE DOOR NOW!"

WHAT TH'????!!!!!


i was ready to dive under the bed with the cat. that's when the phone rang again - the Husband. calling to tell me that the cops were here.

duh. i've figured that out.

he had gotten down to his car and saw this big-ass white van double-parked, and began muttering under his breath about the schmucks double parking, etc. that's when the doors on the van opened and at least ten sheriffs piled out. big sheriffs.

at least five of them were upstairs. two at the back of our complex, two at the bottom of our stairs.

oh, did i mention the stairs we share with our upstairs neighbors? the ones the sheriffs were entering??

holy stinking crap.

they were looking for a man who apparently used to live there (which is funny, we've been here ten years and have only seen the two guys that live across from us) who missed a court appearance for narcotics trafficking.

(ooops. my bad. i just forgot i was supposed to go to court.
oh and i forgot that drug trafficking is bad.
drugs=jail. sorry, man.)

apparently the guy they were looking for is in Ethiopia. not deported, just there. they don't know any more than that.

meanwhile the entire time, i'm on the phone with Husband, with my eye firmly stuck to our peephole, deciding if it was safe to leave. Husband wanted me to wait till they left, but as we all know, the wheels of justice turn slow.
it seemed safe. no guns were drawn, so i'm leaving, opening the door carefully and making sure the officers knew i was there.

these guys have always been quiet...but isn't it the quiet ones you gotta watch?

"yeah, we never saw much of them, but they wuz good peoples. i didn' kno' that they kilt everyone in da house."

and i had planned on getting coffee on my way to work. don't need it now.

who says the OC is dull?

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Melissa said...

Oh my gosh - what a way to wake up! Yeah, I don't think I'd need any coffee after that either.

I guess you got a glimpse into how the "other half" lives. You know, the drugs, the crime, the law enforcement knocking at odd hours of the morning.