Jun 4, 2007

jump back. you are in the presence of greatness.

ok, not really. but it sounds good.

i got home from another hellacious day at work. (note: the Boss is away on paternity leave for three weeks. i'm in charge. i've already had trouble with some in my group. this is not fun)
surprisingly, i didn't crack open the margarita mix OR the Ben & Jerry's.

aren't you proud? you should be.

the fun thing going on, is that they are slurrying the parking area here at Casa de O'Mahony. they think it'll take all week, so we're parking on the street, along with the complex next door AND the houses around our place.

doesn't this sound like fun?!

so today, i decided to cook up some spaghetti sauce and cook some snausages in our Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Grill.
(yes. we have one. the husband found one slightly used @ a car parts swap meet he loves to frequent. he and i are such suckers for the stuff on infomercials. we don't buy. we're just suckers for the informercials. and yes, it works pretty well)

the snausages are now basking in the warm loving glow of spaghetti sauce.

here's my issue: when Husband and i were courting, i, being a firm believer that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, blah, blah, blah. so, again, using the Nancy Drew Cookbook (as i have for a gazillion years), i would make him spaghetti & meatballs or snausages, with home-made/from scratch sauce.

what.was.i.thinking. i have created a monster. he will no longer eat any other sauce than mine. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. really. it's just a pain sometimes when i feel pressed for time and he sounds sooo pathetic when i say i may get a jar from the store.

and i am such a pushover.

but - back to the presence of greatness.
i'm just feeling pretty dang efficient, so that when himself comes home, all i have to do is put the pasta on. and that only takes about 12 minutes.

(edited: the Husband just called. i had called him earlier and asked which he would prefer with his spaghetti: snausage or meatballs. i assumed he'd pick snausage. he just called to say he wants meatballs. too bad, i say {so sympathetic}. you're getting snausages. "yeah, but if you cook meatballs, then i can have both." he says. and like a fool, i'm cooking both. i guess since he threw me a party i can make the meatballs. but now we're even.)

que bueno.

you may kiss my ring.

in other news....

Linda has stole...er, borrowed, 8 random things. so i'm gonna think of 8 more here.
  1. while i LOVE George Clooney and think he's one of the coolest beings on the planet, i have not seen any of the "Ocean's" movies. and they look totally cool and fun.
  2. in elementary school, one of my friends, who was a guy, and i looked like we were brother & sister. we told people our parents had been married, divorced and remarried, with our mom taking me, and our dad taking him.
  3. i love peanut butter & banana sammiches
  4. i was in Who's Who of American High School Students two years in a row
  5. i love Disneyland, but never did like Disney cartoon shorts.
  6. once won blue ribbons at some piano recitals. but that was a long time ago.
  7. never learned to roller skate. and unless they come up with a big ass skate for my big ass, it ain't a gonna happen, neither.
  8. i always wanted to be a monster @ Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt. closest i ever came to it was being an archaeologist in a mummy maze for the kids' haunt. we gave away Snoopy watches and my niece & nephews all got a LOT of watches for Christmas.

ta. happy Monday.


elle said...

Holy Guacamole! I loved Nancy and I love cooking! I never knew she had a cookbook! Wow. learn something new every day!

On my old blog I once tried the Random 100 list that was making the rounds a couple of years ago. I ran out of randomness long before completion!

Steff said...

Gosh I love your self-esteem!

Bowing to kiss the ring...lol :)

Melissa said...

See, I was smart. My husband had grown up on his mother's fabulous sauce, but I told him that I didn't make homemade sauce - and now, he's fine with it.

I was in that Who's Who thing too! We never bought the books - I think they were not in our "budget."

And I too am a fan of pb&b. MMMM!

Allison said...

Woo... Who's Who! I always got creeped out when I opened my locker and found that letter... especially knowing who my guidance counselor used to be...

Anonymous said...

Valerie, you know I love reading your blog and I absolutely love your writing style and I love what you write about, but if you keep making mention of MY MAN, I may have to hunt you down and beat you!

George belongs to me. He has been my man since the days of the Fact of Life! He's MINE, MINE, MINE I say!