Jun 4, 2007

do you think animals have bad dreams?

Elvis just woke up from a..well..cat nap. with a loud squawk.
he then walked over to where Brendan is snoozing on the couch , put his paws on the couch and squawked at Brendan. over and over.

i tried to get him to come up to me. he just looked at me, turned back to Brendan as if to say, "piss off, lady. i want my daddy."

great. now i'm being dissed by the freaking cat.


Steff said...

Don't you just love that catitude!

I can't wait to be home and see my baby (Dex: The Fat Kitty) in just a week!

Melissa said...

Maybe his bad dream involved you! Seriously, you know how you have a dream about someone (at work or school or just a random someone) and then you feel kinda weird around that person? Like, they don't even know you had the dream, but you know?

No, just me? Ooops.

doodlebugmom said...

Yes, I think they dream. We used to have a beagle and I KNOW he was chasing rabbits in his dreams.

Maybe Elvis had a bad dream about Brendan and really needed to wake him to make sure he was ok?

If this dairy stuff doesn't work I can become a pet shrink, right??!

Anonymous said...

I DO believe animals have bad dreams and bad days!!!