Jun 26, 2007

changing the subject!

kindly shared by our Sue, a meme about books...one of my favorite subjects!
i've been reading since i was four. some relatives say since i was two, but even i don't think i was that precocious.

not for reading, anyway.

Hardback or paperback? depends - i love hardbacks for first issues. but budget wise, the paperback is a better deal. most of the time.

Buy on line or in a store?
i can so spend hours in a bookstore, looking at different books, thumbing through them, but never, ever reading them. if i'm going to read them, i'm doing it after i purchased. same with magazines.

Favorite bookstore?
growing up, there was a book store i would walk to called Book Emporium..what i absolutely loved was their biography section - which still happens to be my favorite. i love a good bio.
why? because i'm nosey - haven't you figured that out yet?

Bookmark or dog ear?
bookmark? blaspheme!! never, ever. nor do i ever bend the spine back on a book. i see people do that and it's like my Styrofoam thing. pure torture.

Keep, throw away, or sell?
i've only tossed when i have literally destroyed the book. i've sold some, but a lot go to hospitals.

Short story or novel?
depends. a lot of times, short stories are kind of a tease. i'd rather read more and more and more...

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?
i fall asleep often reading. i love it.

New or used?
usually new. i'm spoiled.

Morning, afternoon or nighttime reading?
nighttime. i'm too involved to be reading before work...or at work.

Stand Alone or Series?
not a lot of series books makes their way into my library...and not a lot of bios are series, either. oh well...

Favorite Series?
love Harry Potter, but i need to get to back into 'em. the Little House series was amazing to me, as was Nancy Drew. even the Princess Diaries series are cool.
hmmm. i see a pattern - lotsa kids books!

Favorite Books Read Last Year?
a bio on the actress who played Lisle in the Sound of Music movies, bios from Chuck Jones (yes, the Looney Tunes director), Wicked - but that was a hard, hard read.

On your “to read” pile right now?
the diaries of Ronald Reagan. what an amazing writer...whether or not you agreed with his stance or politics!

Favorite books of all time?
do i have to list just one? there's so many i go back to over and over...it's like revisiting an old friend. you're comfortable but can still find something new.

your turn. tell me what your favorite is and if you want to try this meme.


Steff said...

Oh great...I thought I could resist the meme pull but you've got them everywhere!

So, I'm stealing this one!

Allison said...

I love to read too. I think I need to start making trips to the library this summer.
My only problem. I read books so fast that if a friend were to ask me a couple of months later if it was good or what it was about... I would really have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Two things, how did you change the comment section to read what you wanted and two, my answers to the book thingy are on my blog.

lol - Jaq