Jun 15, 2007

suckin' it up with the big girl panties.

you know what? sometimes it sucks being a grown up.

especially when you're surrounded by children that are only a year or two younger than you.

let's get into it, shall we?!

Thursday night, some of my friends from work all got together for a birthday. you remember this stuff, we meet someplace at the birthday person's choosing and have a nice dinner, split the bill and go on our merry little ways.

last night, we met at a place near work called BJ's pizza and brewhouse.
(wait...they have pizza AND beer? together?? in the same location?! it's a miracle from heaven.)
but when i got there, the auntie of the chickie who just had the baby jumps me like i had just kicked three puppies across the parking lot.

"did you make reservations?"

well, no. i tried the last time we were here and they said they didn't take them except for really large parties.

"well, we don't have reservations and it's a two hour wait."

i should clarify that the two hour wait is because Thursday was graduation night for most of the high schools in the Long Beach Unified School District...a find scholastic district that produced such luminaries as Cameron Diaz...Snoop Doggy Dog...and me.

and just for the record: i haven't smoked pot nor slept with Justin Timberlake.

so immediately it is my fault that we have to wait two hours.

and just for the second part of the record, everyone is out to get this other girl and the world is against her, blah, blah, blah.

meanwhile, the rest of our party arrives, and at one point, my friend Melissa (sorry, the California Melissa, not my Mississippi Melissa) goes to the front counter just to check how much longer it will be.

"well, asking isn't going to make it go any faster," the blond chickie behind the counter says. "if you think the wait is too long, maybe you should just leave."

wait. rewind.

"what did you say?!" my friend says in disbelief. blond chickie's eyes got as big as my ass.
she tries to backpedal..."oh, nothing."

"oh nothing my foot!" Melissa says. "you tell me what you said."

and the chickie is stupid enough to repeat it.
Melissa is stupid enough to call for the manager. who apologizes profusely and in turn gets us a table.

so the 45 minute wait was much better than the 2 hour projected wait.

and not that i would wish others ill-will, but i kinda meanly hope that blond chickie gets fired. or at least some serious lessons in customer service. because you just don't treat people like that.

and especially not our little group.

more tomorrow...on why we think the auntie is taking over the motherhood duties of her niece's baby and why i think our friend's 21 year old daughter has a drinking problem.

dontcha wish your friends were fun like mine? peace out.


elle said...

If there is any justice in the world of pizza and beer, Blond Chickie is currently reading the "help wanted" ads, ....though on second thought, its entirely possible her reading skills are on par with her customer service skills.
But way to go California Melissa for calling the rude bimbo on it!

doodlebugmom said...

how come its up to YOU to make the reservations? I think that sohould be auntie's job.


Susie Q said...

But I heard that you and Justin T actually Did...well, you know...it was in all the papers. Well, maybe just this one...
I have really been a backslider and am just now catching up with you.
Gee Z Pete girl. You had a rotten week and I do not like that. I am the one who has rotten weeks missy.
So stop that right now!

I love ya,