Jun 17, 2007

this is why it's called RANDOM thoughts...

(mostly because nothing is cohesive @ 5 am)

ah, the human mind. nothing is better for getting us out of a sticky situation (mostly because we didn't use it to not get in a sticky situation) or for playing tricks on us.

especially in the middle of the freaking night.

as you well remember, the recliner in our abode is the prize piece of furniture. i slept in it, quite happily, after my back surgery. the Husband falls asleep in it frequently. like he did last night.
while watching Ghost Rider. (good movie, BTW. might be a little scary for young'uns, but yours truly likes herself some comic book action stuff)

and by the time the movie ended, about 9ish, i was ready for bed myself. kind of early for me, but it was one of those long days that was exhausting.

for starters (see? told you it was random):
  • had breakfast at a little Mexican restaurant not far from us. kids, let me just say: beans, carne asada and a chiliquile is just about the finest way to start a day anywhere. add to that a diet Coke with a little lime (because even by my standards, 9am is just a bit too early for beer. sorry.), and it's dang near perfect.
  • i talked the husband into driving down to Lake Forest (south in the O.C.) to the Sizzix warehouse. (and for you non-scrapping peeps - Sizzix is a brand of die cuts for home use. you can cut your own shapes, letters, whatever the die is, and use them for scrapbooking, card making, keeping the kids occupied. whatever.) seems they were having a first-ever warehouse sale. AND IT WAS GOOD. prices were un-be-lieve-able. wanna know how unbelievable? try this: the Sizzlet alphabets...you know, the ones that sell for $150 at your local craft store? $25-30. yes, dollars. no i'm not high.

i spent about $80 bucks. Husband spent about $80. we got two of the Big Shot roller machines (one for me, one for Mom). he found a stencil letter set. he now wants to stencil every thing we own. oh joy. embossers that normally go for $12...only a dollar.

i couldn't believe there weren't more people there on a Saturday. well, after talking to one of the employees, seems that the sale started Friday. they, at one point, had a 1 1/2 hour long line to check out.

holy crap. it's like being at Disneyland waiting for Nemo.

then it was off for other errands, including a haircut for Husband. it was then the Husband realized that he didn't buy $80 of stuff at the warehouse sale. seems that, on our cart, we had two Big Shots, 'member? well, they charged Husband for two. they charged me for one. we paid for three and came home with two. not good.

unfortunately he realized this about 4:30. the sale ended @ 5. we made it with ten minutes to spare. and although the policy was no refunds or exchanges, they did give us the option to either take another Big Shot or get $25 more stuff.

for a minute, the thought of getting another Big Shot was heady, i admit. visions of going on to eBay, and selling it for millions of millions of dollars danced before my eyes. (mostly because i wondered how many of the people there were going to do that very thing with their purchases) but, then i realized how much i hate going to the post office, so i opted for the more stuff.

then it was home for dinner, movie and snoozing.

i fell asleep watching Alton on DVD. i woke up to the screen saver on our DVD flashing. i thought it was birds flying across our bedroom window. then, the bedroom light came on. (Husband purchased a remote kit so that all our lights can be turned on/off by remote or be on timer, which is nice when we leave town)

i turned it off.

then the other light went on. i turned that one off. then Husband decided to come to bed.

too many interruptions. i'm up now and multi-tasking. blogging, IMing my sis-in-law (hi, Maureen!), and thinking about what i want to do for invites for a beach party we're planning later (and yes, y'all are invited. bring your own drinks and a side to share).

i told you i go all over the road.

later today, it's off to the Parental Units casa for a BBQ. oh, and Husband gets to put the BBQ together, too. doesn't that sound like fun?!

so my wish is that the lights don't go on in your bedroom in the middle of the night, that you never get overcharged and that you don't get pukey sick on your birthday (hi Deano! feel better buddy!) neither.

and a happy Father's day to all you daddies out there; the ones that read and the ones married to the ones that read. may your steaks be perfect and your gifts of ties be few.


Anonymous said...

Two OMGoshes here! One, you went to a Sizzix sale in Lake Forest and didn't tell me about it????? How do you all hear about these? Me & My Big Ideas just had one of those sales in Lake Forest too ... few weeks back ... and I missed that one too.

Second, you dared to visit Lake Forest, my back yard, and didnt' tell me so that we could actually meet????

I'm so disappointed. *BIG sigh*


Susie Q said...

Sizzix sounds so way cool and I am big girl envious.
Great stuff for sure!
There is nothin' like starting the day with Mexican food...good, no kiddin' Mexican food. We used to do that when we lived in San Diego. We moved to a great townhouse near the border after the 1st year and were just around the corner from the greatest place...oh but their food was to die for. Had breakfast there a lot. OMG it was good...beans and all and they had the best Cokes! Some machines never get the mix right but THEIRS did. Am I waxing nostalgic here?