Jun 18, 2007

oh Steff...

don't hate me.
love - me :o)

oh, who am i kidding!

here's part 3 of the top ten catagories of me.

1. my wedding rings
2. earrings
3. my nose stud
4. shoes - much to my chagrin
5. mascara. it ain't pretty if i don't.
6. underwear (and all the people said AMEN)
7. a toe ring
8. a tan. oh, who am i kidding? i'm as white as the snow on the hilltop.


Allison said...

Ah, I'm white too. And when I do tan, it's quite the sexy farmer's tan, I must say.

Steff said...

Well, okay if you put it that way I guess I have to!


Melissa said...

My tan comes from a bottle. But I don't wear it every day.

And I don't get the whole no underwear thing. I have an aunt who never wears them unless she's wearing a skirt, and even under her pajamas (which is what she wears around the house) you can tell!