Aug 18, 2007

that was the week that was. redux.

this has been a crapper of a week.

i won't bore you or try to bring you down with all the numbing details. let's just summarize with the week started out really, really hot (thanks, Kenny for the lovely poem!), and ended not so good.

the Husband had problems at work - nothing earth shattering, but enough to make him come home every.dang.night. beyond cranky.

the word bitchy comes to mind.

lotsa stamping of the feet, cussing, and muttering under his breath...a sure sign he's about to have a good ol' fashioned temper tantrum.

swing yer arms in the air...stomp yer feet like yew jus' don' promenade!

add to that, that it wasn't a good week in the directory making biz, either. a big directory that was supposed to be going to the printer this week got put on hold, taken off hold, then put back on the printer schedule.

only to be taken off again.

add to that just the usual drama of my place of employment, and was just a ton 'o' fun for the whole family.

and yesterday, my boyfriend told me he was leaving for a new job.

ok. if you know me, you know i would never ever play around on my marriage.
so here's what i mean.

this is one of two guys that were promoted as a lead same time i was. while one was, let's say, full of, himself, had no problem starting in the job. (he actually told me not so long ago that he wonders why it is that he's only a lead, when he knows he's smarter than his boss. i told him that while it bloody could be, it would be better to keep that opinion to oneself.)

this other guy - my boyfriend - was so the opposite of that. he is shy, a little quiet, and not sure of what he should be doing. i became his mentor, in a way. i tried to help him understand about the new jobs he was taking on (after all, i had done most of 'em for a while before i got promoted). i tried to let him know he was doing a great job, and to not be intimidated by our fellow lead, EgoBoy.

i really felt bad when, last year, i got sent to Pennsylvania three times for work, EgoBoy got sent once, but my boyfriend didn't. i know he felt disappointed.

i was really happy for him when, the Big Boss asked him to be the acting night supervisor for a few months.

and i cried yesterday when he told me he was leaving the company.

i'm sad for me. he's the greatest guy, second only to my Husband. he's got two great kids. he is, as my grandmother would say, a great catch.

as you know, we don't have kids. but i can only imagine this is what it must feel like when your kid leaves home for college (Linda?). you're happy for them, going to make a new mark in the world, but a part of your heart is dying because they're leaving.

and you can't protect them.

then. to add insult to injury, i got hit by a bus, who then backed up and ran over me again and again and again and again...

while i died. of embarrassment.

my friends, who were driving said bus, started teasing me about my boyfriend while we were at lunch. and not in ways i was happy about. i was embarrassed, and, as i usually do, i started crying a little.


one of my friends, who was at lunch with me, (and doesn't know how to not beat a dead horse) walked up to my boyfriend and asked him if his ears were burning during lunch. no? well, we were talking about you leaving and Valerie was crying.

don't i have great friends? isn't this great? because i still have to work with him. i still need to talk to him several times a day. i still have to look at him, knowing he knows what i know: that some of my friends are being beeyatches and are inferring things that aren't there.

the only good thing that happened to me yesterday was the Big Boss called me in the office and presented me with a $150 AmEx gift cheque for services above and beyond the call of duty.

oh wait. it wasn't good. i got taxed on that.
see? no good deed goes unpunished.

but - it's a new day. i'm hoping this weekend will not only heal both the Husband's bad week and mine, but that by Monday all the innuendo will be a thing of the past by Monday.

isn't that a Jimmy Buffet song?

come Monday, it'll be all right.


Steff said...

Oh, sweetie...I hate it when weeks suck. I hope you guys have a great weekend and that next week will behave itself!

And poo on people who try to stir up trouble with innuendo. That isn't even something you toss around as a joke.

Cynthias husband said...

Sorry about your crappy week.

Melissa said...

I almost started crying just reading about your crying! I just HATE people like that. What is this, high school?

Hope your week gets better. Much, much better.

skrpndiva said...

Oh Val, I'm sorry Hon. That sucks when the week just gets worse and worse. Let's be optimistic and say that this coming week is going to be much better!

Big smiles, big hugs and lots of love your way chica!


Becky said...

I'll never understand why people have to be that way. They have to drag other people down just so that they can feel better about themselves. Screw them. *hugs*