Aug 16, 2007

it's so freaking hot.

i know. not nearly as hot at it is in Arizona, but's pretty stinking hot.

the back of our apartment gets ALL the mid-day sun, cooking the place in it's own natural juices.

the cat is threatening to find a family in the Arctic. so am i.

the air conditioning unit in this hellhole sucks. it was moved from it's original place by the door, where it would do some good, to a place near the kitchen.

across from a wall.

where the cool air just sits.

not to mention what it does to our electric bill.

so i have fans blowing hot air around. not to mention the hot air we produce.

and i have a bottle of cold water.

under my chin.

keeping my chest cool.

and my shirt unbuttoned. i'm not a bit excited to see my own boobage, but the Girls need a good airing.

i'm so ready for winter.


Steff said...

Oh geez...that's funny! It's been pretty warm here too. I'm a winter gal myself. Love the clothes (which it never gets cold enough to wear), love the snow (which I never see), and well Christmas is the bonus!

doodlebugmom said...

Fill an empty milk jug with water, freeze it. Then park that puppy in from of the fan (in a pan or on a towel to catch the sweaty drips.) It helps.

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for winter. Isn't it funny? We love So Cal for the sun, yet when it gets too hot, we want a So Cal winter. Which is usually a perfect So Cal day!


Melissa said...

I was just thinking this morning (while on the "throne" of course) that in my next house, I'm going to have air conditioning in the bathroom. Because we have window units, and it rarely ever gets cool in the bathroom. I have to buy a hair drier with a lower temperature option, just for summer, because it gets so hot in there!