Aug 23, 2007

i'm just a gal who caint say no.



not today!!!

ring out the church bells!!! strike up the band!!! I SAID NO!!!

yes, dagnabbit - i said no.

remember about my boyfriend leaving our company? he said he wanted a happy hour, so i sent an email to the department telling them when and where. nothing structured, just if you want to come by, have a beer or a martini or a margarita or a combo of all (and i have seen some do that) and wish him well, then go for it.

that was Monday.

this is today.

i get an email from a chickie in his group. this chickie who's as old as me (hence why she's a chickie) AND has designs on his job, emails me to ask if i'm planning a potluck for him or not.

and i said no.

(insert Snoopy doing a happy dance all over Schroder's piano!)


dang but that felt gooooooood. lemme say it again. no-no-no-no-no-no-no!!!

i emailed chickie back and said, in an oh-so-nice way which was good, because believe me i wasn't feeling oh so nice and said that Juan was their lead, and therefore they should be planning a potluck if they want one. and if they wanted to open it up to the entire department, so much the better.

haven't heard a word back. tra-lalalalalalalalalalala!

if you ask me, it's kinda poopy. this guy has been their go-to guy for the last three years. the least they should be doing is a potluck. the very least.

having a mini-powwow with some supervisors later, i was commended for saying no. 'bout time, huh?

they're big girls down there. AND THEY'RE ALL GIRLS. let's face it, for most of us, planning is inbred. it's in our genes. and well, throw a party into the mix and it's onnnnnnnn.

i hope they put on their big girl panties and plan him the most kick-ass potluck our department has seen in years. (hopefully with good pansit and eggrolls, Cyn, can you hook me up here in So Cal? wait. i ain't a planning this one! tra-lalalalalallalaaaaa) the guy deserves it. he's worked hard to get where he is and has worked hard for that group. and it would be wrong for them to not recognize that.

and that's what should be done.
just not by me.



skrpndiva said...

Good girl. Send some of that 'NO' over my way would ya? I seem to have that problem too! Let's practice together shall we? NO NO NO NO!
Damn but that felt good. Now I just need to be able to do that when someone asks me to do something! Like plan a Mother/Daughter Girl Scout event, or be on the PTA Board and run the Teacher Appreciation luncheon and Red Ribbon Week for the second year in a row. Take care of family pictures for the school, be in charge of publicity! Make posters ... shall I go on. NO? NO you say?


doodlebugmom said...

liberating isn't it?

good for you!

Steff said...

Good for you for saying no! And it drives me nuts when people don't show appreciation for someone who truly deserves it. But, we can't be the potluck planners for everyone on the planet. Maybe you (just you) could do a little something to show him how much he'll be missed...a plant or a card. You know!

Melissa said...

Good for you! And especially considering how those old biddies acted last week about this guy, it's probably for the best that you didn't plan anything.

You're taking baby steps to recovery!

Pat said...

Very good young lady!
It is not your responsibility to fete every freaking person who ever lived, even though you are a nice enough person to do it. Congrats on realizing that, and hoping the fellow's own department doesn't let him go uncelebrated just because they are all too lazy to organize things themselves!
...sorry, a bit long winded today...