Aug 26, 2007

oh no you didn'!

beneath this hard shell of an exterior, is a creamy center of marshmallow.


however - that marshmallow can get really crusty sometimes.

like tonight.

still having some issues with my stiffy sore neck, so, on our way home from Target, we stopped at a drug store so i could get some IcyHot.

and, paid for it with my ATM, like always. however, the screen wasn't reading my pen strokes correctly. everytime i said i didn't want $40 back, it tried to give me $40.

i couldn't clear it. i couldn't go on.

in the meantime - as we pulled in the parking lot, we watched a couple get out of a Porsche, and she was tall and long legged. the Husband was impressed.

so back to the in-store fun.

while the clerk and i were fighting the ATM screen (right before the clerk voided the sale to start over), the long-legged chick behind me said "what - can't you see it?"

my head turned around like Linda Blair in "The Exorcist."

"no," i said politely but snottily, ''i can see it just fine. it's not responding the way i need it to, thank you very much."

"shaw. she said. (you know, that mouth noise most teenagers make when they're irritated with us old folks.) i didn't mean it that way."

"well, no matter how you meant it, " Snot Queen Valerie said, "just know i can see it just fine."

she didn't say another word, until i walked off. then i heard her say to her boyfriend (or whatever he was), "that was rude."

i didn't even turn around as i walked off. "don't worry, honey, you can teach us a thing or two about rude."

i SO could've hip-checked her into next week... and the worst part is that when we watched them walk in, we both figured they were probably in their early 20s. no way, dude. when i looked at her, that chick was as old as me. and she didn't look good.

kinda like a PSA for skin damage caused by tanning.

so perhaps, perhaps i overreacted. perhaps i'm still a little sensitive about trifocals.

but chickie needs to learn a thing or two about keeping smart-ass comments to herself.

and i need to be less nasty and more marshmallowy.

but the Linda Blair thing was cool.


Jolene George said...

I would have like to have seen the Linda Blair thing. LOL!

Pat said...

Getting old sucks.
I have to take my "seeing eye child" to the grocery store with me to read lables or I come home with the wrong stuff, and I've had hearing problems lately, so I have to do a Linda Blair just to listen with my "good ear" - oy, it truly sucks!

Melissa said...

Even if you THOUGHT such a thing, why on earth would you SAY it out loud? That's like a friend of mine being asked by a coworker how someone who looked like "her" got a husband who looked like hers did. Do people have no "home training?"

chlorinejenny said...

I like being mean(at least in my head) to old washed up wanna be Barbie dolls!

Why do they feel the need to do that to themselves?

Susie Q said...

I would have SO gone off on were not nasty. She deserved much more. And that whole Linda Blair thing is way cool. You shoulda thrown in that pea soup gimmick for an added touch.

I am SO glad she looked like crap. I always love that...have seen a few like that meownself.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to been in line. I think as the innocent bystander I would have smacked her silly!