Aug 7, 2007

oh boo-freaking--hoo.

as we all know, there are some horrible things going on in this big wonderful world of ours.

this post is not about them.

which is why i have a blog. duh.

our story begins last night, when Husband's optometrist called that his glasses were finally fixed.
(backstory on that - about three weeks ago, the Husband asked me to take his glasses back to said optometrist, the temple had broken. again. they originally said a couple of days. and like i said, that was three weeks ago. they didn't call until the Husband called the optometrist directly to let him know the went along with the fact that a month and half ago he had his eyes examed, ordered new frames and that's the last he heard from them. there have always been issues with the staff, the doctor, however, is wonderful)

so the husband asked me to pick them up for him tonight...which of course i did.

tonight. which is Bunco night.

every played bunco? it's a dice game i play with 12 other girls. it's kinda like Yatzee, only there's money involved, snacks and with any luck, good wine. usually good laughs to boot.

so no cooking for me. hip-hip-hooray!! but i still gotta eat. and nothing is sounding good for me. my stomach has been reacting to lotsa stress lately, so for any of you having tummy issues, you know what i mean.

then, it jumped out at me: slice o pizza. i know, probably not the best, especially the acidic tomato sauce. but it just sounded good. 'sides, i'm a freak. i LOVE cheese pizza the best.

i also do not like hot drinks. go ahead and shake your heads.

so i got my slice. now of course, i need dessert. (well, i don't need dessert, but...)and as luck would have it, one of these is next door to the pizza place.

and i've been jonesin' for a Birthday Cake Remix for over a month now.

they were freaking out of cake batter ice cream!!!!!!!! what the..?!!!

it's not that they don't have other flavors. other mix-ins i could've chosen. but dagnabbit, i wanted birthday cake remix! (insert sound effect of stomping feet and a good ol' fashioned temper tantrum)

so i got a vanilla bean remix. vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, fudge and brownie bits.

it was ok. *sigh* just not a birthday cake remix.

and while i know it's so insignificant, considering what's really going on in this world, it's hopefully good for a laugh.

so if you can laugh at me, maybe the outside world won't seem so sad.

and i still want my birthday cake remix, dammit.


Allison said...

Once again... mmmmm Coldstone. I always get Peanut Butter Perfection, that's what it's called right? I hardly get to go there anymore... lol.

Anonymous said...

I love you but sometimes you scare me! lol