Aug 27, 2007

apparently my bulb is dim.

not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
a taco short of a combo platter.
one glove short of a pair.

well, you get the idea.

instead of wearing jeans, as we've been able to all month (normally jeans are only allowed on Fridays)today, i decided to live on the edge.

i wore a skirt.

a cute knit skirt, a little striped blouse and some chunky heels.

i felt super cute, AND i coordinated.

and since y'all know how bad my *ahem* vision is, that IS a miracle.

then i got to work and found out that the Powers that Be were moving my desk today.


sucks to me me, don't it?

so, cute skirt got all uggy as i packed up, dusted and cleaned and unpacked.

on the bright side, i finally sit across from my boss. so, as his lead, that's kind of important.

secondly, the printer is next to my desk. that SO rocks.

thirdly, i'm next to the window. it's bright. i felt happier! i felt cute again!! i felt...icy breezes blowing down my shoulder.

oh goody. i'm next to the leaky vent on the AC, where it comes through a light fixture.

but dang it, i still looked cute.

in other news...

yesterday, the Husband & i decided to clean the steps, leading up to our apartment. they're uggy, stuff has been spilled on them and it just looked gross. so we cleaned up.

and for some weird reason, i looked up.

steel yourselves.

yep. that's a wasp nest. near our neighbor's AC unit at the top of the wall & the roof.


it really is cool to look at. except that i hate all bugs with stingers.

i've got a perfect record. never been stung. i'd like to keep it that way.
of course, i'm married to a fellah who's allergic to bee venom.
and i'm not sure of the wasps. neither is he.

so yes, i'm contacting the management to have 'em remove it. i was going to lock Brendan in the house, then hose the crap out of it, but Brendan said to let sleeping dogs lie.

does that look like dogs to you?

oh well. this too shall be fixed.

good thing i can still see it.


Melissa said...

Congrats on the new locale - and the window seat. We have one piece of outside glass in our whole building, and it's the front door. I miss working up front and being able to look outside.

So, when we moved into our current office, I was lucky to get a "window" of my own - even if it just looks out into the rest of the place. At least I'm not stuck in the corner like my office mate, but she doesn't have to deal so much with the publisher, so I'd call it even.

Pat said...

It's nice to have a cute day now and then (not that I would know...)and it's always refreshing to have a change of scenery (just keep an umbrella in your desk!)
...But I'm sorry - those wasps are just gross!

Anonymous said...

Wasp, not so good. Moving and air and looking cute, good!


Susie Q said...

New spot, nice cool air and lookin' killer...all good. The waspies, well, gotta die. Give 'em notice they they must vacate within 24 hours or face the consequences. Death, be it swift, shall be the punishment if they tarry.
I was stung once, long ago and still remember it. Of course I am a wimp! But HURT!

Stay sting ya,