Aug 9, 2007

any takers?

lookit this:

ain't it cool? it's a bad-ass ribbon holder.

ya want one?

i know who makes 'em.

he made it for Scrapbook Addict - after she saw the original he made for his wife.

seriously. he makes 'em. he's thinking of selling more. and if i had a house, instead of an apartment, i would totally buy one, drive to Vegas and pick it up.

then pick them up for dinner and drinks - non-alcoholic for them.

after today, i would need a beer.

seriously - if you're interested, let me know. or go to Jeff's blog and drop him a note.


Anonymous said...

I already told him that I'd buy one! I think it's absolutely awesome! Hey, road trip!

doodlebugmom said...

very cool! But I bet the shipping cost is a killer.

Melissa said...

Cynthia is one lucky girl - not only does he tolerate her scrabooking, he's aiding and abetting!