Aug 24, 2007

point of pride..which has nothing to do with anything below.

imagine that.
the girl i told you about yesterday?
she's not talking to me.
i'm so upset.

and we still don't know if there's gonna be a potluck. oh well. i have a feeling that if she does create a potluck, it won't be open to the entire department.

because she's a little snit that way. i can tell you more stories about run-ins we've had in the past, but eh. what's the point?

answer me this: how can it be i can walk into Costco, and walk out 20 minutes later, $135 poorer, and carrying a box with fillet mignon (don't ask - i don't know why i bought it, either), the Simpsons season 10 on DVD, pineapple (yum!) a four pack of creme brulee (yum! squared) and a Dumbo the elephant sized bag of peanuts. salted. in shell.

oh yes, and some Costco brand Zantac and Maalox tabs.

what has happened to me? when did i get old? i'm not kidding myself. i know i'm 45. i don't think i'm 35. but sneaking up on me, like a greedy cat at a birdbath, is age.

and it sucks.

i've never had a good tummy. i've always had problems and was told at 13 that i had a 'pre-ulceric' condition. at 13.

damn. sounds like a good candidate for therapy, nes pas?

for most of my 20s and into my 30s, my best friend was Maalox tabs. at one point, i was downing at least four a day.
then i had my gallbladder removed and suddenly life was great! woo hoo! spicy foods are back on!

now, dangnabbit, either my gallbladder has grown back, or i've got heartburn.

i notice it if i eat at our cafeteria @ work. now, let's talk about a simple solution: don't freaking eat at work. but, that would be too easy. and i'm too bloody lazy.

also in my defense, i had an easier time when i didn't share the apartment with the Husband in the a.m. that night shift was easier. not necessarily on our relationship, but for SelfishGirl, who had a killer routine down in the a.m.

so, i realize how retarded it sounds: it's easier to make a quick fix than to establish a long-term solution.

feel free to slap me on the wrist. just not if i'm holding a Zantac, OK?

with more fun of getting old...i somehow slept wrong on my neck and it hurts. now, just a few years ago, all i needed to do was to suck down some Alleve and by the end of the day, i would be good to do some killer head-banging and neck-popping.

because i AM such the head banging, electric boogalooing gal.

however...tomorrow, as my Scarlett O'Hara would say, is another day.
and i am still suffering.

so on the way to Costco, i stopped at a nail salon i've frequented and asked if they did neck and shoulder massages.

they do. i did. 20 minutes worth for 20 greenbacks. and.worth.every.penny. it's better, much better if i don't turn my head this wa....ouch.

getting old isn't for wimps.
however, i am the queen of the wimps.

long live the queen - just not that long.

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Anonymous said...

Alls I can say is getting old DOES suck!