Aug 2, 2007

happy anniversary.

yep. it's the parental units.

yep, it's their anniversary.

yep, it's been 33 years.

33 years.

dude. sometimes i feel like 10 is a lifetime.

and no, my step-pop doesn't look like "duh" all the time. he's usually much crankier. but heck, if i was 81, i think i would be entitled to be cranky.

when they got married, i was a junior bridesmaid (is that like a junior birdman?) in yellow. yellow. while a happy color, not a happy color on me.

the reception was at my cousin's home here in the OC. so, when it came time to toss the bouquet, i was all over it.

like anyone was going to let a 12 year old get married. riiiiiight. tossed. i dove. heck, it's what you'd do when you were playing baseball, right?

grass stain on a yellow dress. and yes, i did get the buttkicking i deserved.

happy memories. happy anniversary.


Steff said...

Happy Anniversary to them! In this day and age 10 years is a miracle so 33 years is something to really celebrate. Best to all you marrieds!

Allison said...

Aw! Happy Anniversary to them! :)

doodlebugmom said...

Happy Anniversary to them!

And what were they thinking? They could have gotten you a grass-green colored bridesmaids dress instead of yellow!


Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Anniversary to the 'rents! 33 years is a long time.