Aug 16, 2007

and this is bad why?

have you seen ads for a new drug out there?
i know. they come out with a new one just about every day.

this one is for Mirapex. a drug that should help if you have restless leg syndrome.

hmmmm...restless leg syndrome.
you mean that's what was wrong with me as a kid?
man. someone owes me an apology for all the times they told me to "sit still!" and i replied i couldn't, they they responded "try."

see? i had a medical condition. i needed drugs.
that didn't exist.

digress, digress, digress.

so - coming out from the bedroom as i was getting ready for work, they have a commercial on for Mirapex. and, of course, they have to list the side effects.

of course, if you drink, it'll make you drowsy.
they also say if you find an 'increase in gambling, sexual or other intense urges,' to contact a doctor.

wow. if it's that good, i want some.

and don't you think the Viagra people are getting ticked off? that someone else is horning (pardon my pun) in on their market?


gotta go. i think i need to call my doctor.
i feel a vacation coming on.


doodlebugmom said...

Sometimes when those drug commercials start listing off side effects I wonder why anyone would want to take them in the first place!

Pat said...

Too funny - I love those commercials, and how they mumble the warnings really fast, so that hopefully you won't hear that the medical condition probably won't kill you - but the medication might!

Steff said...

Maybe the people over at Viagra are thinking men with e.d. might need to take this restless leg medicine and then they'll more Viagra?! That way they can take care of the restless leg and the restless you know what!

Allison said...

One of my friends said during school one day: "You know. For the first few years of our lives, everyone teaches us to walk and talk. Now they just tell us to sit down and shut up!"

I don't know if that pertains to anything. A little with the RLS?