Aug 11, 2007

about last night...

here's one of my favorite jokes from last night.

that i can remember in it's entirety.

"i love Slim-Jim's. almost as much as i love boobies. so i called their consumer hot line.
" ' i have an idea that will make y'all a bazillion dollars.'
" ' i'm listening,' the consumer specialist said.
" ' what you need to do is punch a hole in the center of a Slim-Jim. because guys love Slim-Jims. and we also love beer.
" ' then, ' i said, 'guys could suck beer through the Slim-Jim, then bite off a hunk of the Slim-Jim.
"she hung up on me."

guess you had to be there. i would've been on the floor, except that there wasn't enough room for me to roll around.

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