Aug 9, 2007

i *do not heart* my job.

i kept telling myself all day, "we only make phone books. we do not build airplanes. we do not cure disease."

and it's a damn good thing we don't build airplanes. i would never EVER fly.


here's a quick recap on my job: i work reports, ensuring that the graphics department is clear on all ads for the many different books going to the printer that day.

except today.

today was bad.

normally, we get a daily paging schedule from the paging department. they break down the different advertising headings for us, letting us know what they will be sending to the printer. then, we go to town.

except today.

today was bad.

the chickie who normally sends out the schedule, has been out on vay-cay all week.
lucky her.
so, her supervisor has been doing them.
lucky us.

granted, this is not his forte. so our department has been cutting him slack as he's been getting the schedule to us later and later in the day. we really need it by 8:30am, especially since paging gives graphics until 2pm every day to be clear on our forms.

today, we got ours around 11am. at 11:02, my friend come running over, a little on the freaked-out side.

it seems that suddenly, a big book has moved from paging Monday to today.
t-o-d-a-y. u-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-h.

that no good. bad medicine.

oh, and the best part is that we actually were supposed to be clear on it yesterday.
so that, along with the other books we had to be cleared on, made for one extremely stressed workgroup, AND overtime on Saturday.

and one unhappy me.

it's OK. it'll all be good. but.......

more aggrivation. tomorrow, our workgroup is having a pot luck.
we have four people going in on egg rolls.
why? because the woman who's ordering them wants them for herself. she just doesn't want to pay for all of them.

breathe. breathe. breathe.

another chickie in our group has been on Weight Watchers for some time now. and, the other day at lunch, mutters just loud enough to sort of be heard, 'well, i'm not participating at the potluck.' after a few minutes badgering, she finally says it again. outloud.

why? 'because there's nothing there i can eat.'
then bring something you can eat.
p.s. - it didn't bother you two days ago when people brought all kinds of snackies. you were there bellying up to the bar.

so, while looking over the list today, i realize no one signed up for sodas...which is unusual, considering that boys like soda. it's cheap. it's easy.

and no one chose it. BUT! i do have two guys who signed up with a ? - which is good, because then i can get soda.

boy #1, who is notoriously cheap, says he's already bought chips.
goody. that means he went to the 99cents only store.

boy #2, who is even MORE cheap than boy #1 also has a ? down.
i ask him if he would get the sodas.
he looks me square in the eye, laughs and says no.

wait...what? you said no?


so today, i not only bought my food contribution, i also bought sodas.

am i bitter? oh youbetcha. as is my best friend, who is also peeved about this whole thing. we talked later and decided that with what we've both spent on the potluck, we could've had a really good lunch.

or dinner AND drinks at the Outback.

or better yet. we just won't play. if no one else will play fair, why should we?

yep. i'm bitter. i'm cranky. i'm tired of playing by the right way when no one else does. at work and in life.

i could bring this around to the baby thing again, but i really am trying to put my big-girl panties on.

and keep 'em on.
i need ice cream.


Anonymous said...

You need a fun day out. I'm telling you that you must come over!

We don't have to scrap.

We can drink.

Of course, then you'd have to stay because I wouldn't let you go home!

Melissa said...

I had this really long, really clever comment typed up - and then Blogger got nasty and decided to lose it and close down!

Suffice it to say - sodas, really? Who can't come up with a case of cokes?