Aug 20, 2007

random thoughts, i lost track.

  • bunches of crap to yak about today. and not a dang one of 'em important.
  • thanks for all the good vibes/karma/prayers/rain dances for a better day for me today. it was. 'course, now i feel weird when i have to talk to this guy, but i'm trying to move on and keep my big girl panties on.
  • bought me a Fiskars craft drill yesterday. y'know? the green one that looks like, never mind.
  • still hot. Africa hot. and Florida humid.
  • Husband had a run-in the same day as me, but with a supervisor at work. he considers this chick girl. let's just leave it at that. what really unravelled his rope was that this supervisor emailed another butt-chewing ('sides the verbal one he got) via email. and cc'd Husband's boss. niiiice.
  • looking for a photography class so i can learn about f-stops and all the jazz i can use to maybe take a good picture. problem is that the one i want is only on Tuesday nights. i play Bunco on Tuesday nights. hmmmmm. still looking.
  • Husband and i looked at new cameras, just in case Canon can't or won't fix this one. i'm so loving the PowerShot S5...another reason why i need to know f-stops. 'sides, i know i'll never EVER read a manual. unless it was either a) written by a comedian i liked or b) a book on tape, read by Donny Osmond. or Keith Urban. heck, i might even pay attention.
  • carnitas for dinner tonight, doesn't that sound yum-o?
  • prayers, if you would, for my girl, April. that the doctor appointment turned out way super good.

time for a vent as well.

last night, we went to the P's for dinner. BBQd some steaks and so while the Husband attended to the grill, Mamma and i tended to the chores in the kitchen. Step-pop came in and, as he has for years, reminded my mom to take her meds.

oh, and to take her shot.


what, i said, cortisone for your hand?

there was silence.

um, no. she said. insulin.


now, i know she's diabetic. has been for the last 28 years. but it's always been pill based. now all she'll say is that she doesn't take pills any longer, just insulin shots. so, not only am i worried, i am now a little ticked.

this is a weird thing about my family. no one talks. it's a good thing if we were part of the Mafia or in the CIA, but not this middle-class family.


she wouldn't talk any more about it. clammed up tightern a politician disclosing campaign finances.

maybe it's a good thing we don't have kids. heck, i can't worry about them, the Husband AND my parents all at once.

on to happier subjects.

i have come to a realization lately. it's not an original one, but dang it, it has freed me in ways i can't even imagine.

it's about scrapbooking. and when i tell you, you'll probably smack me in the head, just like in the V-8 commercials.

i don't have to scrap chronologically. duh, i know. everyone else knew that, too. but it's something that really freed me. made me happier that it was OK if i scrapped yesterday's photos today and do last month's photos tomorrow.

i know. where have i been?

but let me tell you. it really released me. no pressure. i like scrapping again. my mojo is happy, and when my mojo is happy, well, my pages are happy. they don't look (or feel) contrived.

happy pages = happy girl.

doesn't take much, does it. especially when i can get my head out of the pity party that i make my life.

and those are your random thoughts for today.


elle said...

I think your middle class non talking family might be the American version of my middle class non talking Canadian family.

Because we all know that if you don't talk about a problem...issue...whatever...happy leprechauns come in the night and steal it way and leave a pot of gold in its place!

i just dont get the no talking thing.

Melissa said...

Dang, that WAS random! Your family is the polar opposite of mine, where we share way too many of the intimate details of our lives and stay in each others business more than necessary.

I've got my scrappin mojo back too! I did two LOs yesterday! And I finally bought a new album today to hold the LOs that were in a plastic protector, just waiting for a good home.

Yay for mojo!

Pat said...

Oh my goodness! I hope your mom's doing ok!
My family has been accused of being a "black hole" of information...I don't think it's because we don't talk so much - it's just that nobody ever listens!
...I have issues with user manuals too - it's not that I wouldn't read them if I could - it's just that they are usually in such fine print, and I don't own a microscope! (nor do I speak Chinese!)

Becky said...

I hear ya, sister! It's funny, The Man's family doesn't talk about anything. It drives me out of my mind. Half the disagreements he and I get into are because he just won't talk. Sometimes it's like pulling hens teeth to get anything out of him. BUT, he does try, just not the way I want him to. lol My family is the complete opposite. We talk about everything. After nearly 9 years with The Man, I'm sure one of these days we'll come to a happy medium.

And good for you getting your scrappin' mojo back! It's therapeutic, isn't it? I was bit by the rubber stamp bug and have been making cards rather than making scrap pages. The two will collide at some point. I hope. I'd love to see your scrapping!