Aug 4, 2007

time for an intervention.

this is something i never had the courage to admit here before: i have an addict in our house.

not a diet Coke addict (that would be me). not a coffee addict (Husband). not even a pain killer addict (that would be me, or at least what my mom was convinced i was during all my back problems.).
come on in. it's time we save him from himself.
yep. Elvis. he's addicted to black tar heroin. only he calls it 'catnip.'

the worst part...i'm his dealer.

surveillance photos prove it.

here we are, negotiating the deal. you can clearly see the desire for the goods. and it's quality stuff, man.
shooting up. or snorting in this case.

the throes of the high.

addiction is not pretty.

and i need help, too, because i continue to enable him.

pray. pray that we both find the help we so desperately need.


Pat said...

Poor kitty! Is there a feline rehab near you?

Valerie said...

are you kidding? this is Southern California - rehabs are on every corner...kinda like Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Valerie, you are kidding me. This is your cat???? I have a black cat also named after a star, albeit one that is living! AND, my husband and I are like the hugest Elvis fans.

Incidentally, the black cat I have ... names Clooney!


And once more for good measure ...


Cavalier92 said...

These are HILARIOUS photos!!! Cats make me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

Suzy said...

Oh, too cute!!!

Melissa said...

Although I've heard tell of these nip-heads, I've never seen one until now.

Guess Elvis is trying to keep up with his namesake. Just keep him off the toilet, and you should be safe.

Coleen said...

Oh dear. I understand the plight of this. Our cat has a problem too. THat kitty crack is so addictive for them eh? My drools all over everything for a good hour afterwards. SO gross!

My thoughts are with you will you deal with his issue of addiction and your issue of being an enabler..

Jolene George said...

ROFLOL! I didn't know that you were a kitty pharmasist. Poor Elvis looks pretty strung out. :o)