Aug 11, 2007

really, REALLY funny.

he was funny.

he was even funnier. he did a Barney Fife impersonation that made me laugh. HARD.

but Bill, well....heck. i almost wet my pants all three. but since we had great seats (really great seats), but right in the middle of the aisle, well, you get the picture.

and sorry mine are grainy. but my best bets, even with the telephoto lens, was at the big screen.

and the beer was waaaaaay expensive. (i know, Linda is saying whoopie!!), but at $7/glass, severely curtailed my alcohol consumption. which was good, considering i had to work today, too.

totally fun, though. we both laughed super hard.

and then i got this...
yep. that's me with Craig Shoemaker. hobnobbing with celebs.
but we had fun. totally, super, pee-our-pants laughing.
and i bought two dvds. so i can relive the yuks.
over and over.
and how expensive beer is at the Pacific Amphitheater.


Anonymous said...

And so you plan on sharing the cds with friends that really need to laugh these days????

Glad you all had a good time girlie!


Susie Q said...

I am so glad you had a great time you cutie you.