Aug 2, 2007

around the world. in only 10 minutes.

judging by your comments here, i say i have a strong following for my Run to the White House.

heck, and i didn't even have to soak you for $1500 a plate for blahsville chicken.

man am i stupid.

sorry to disappoint, but i'm fairly confident i won't be running for office any time soon. i can't even handle office politics without getting maddern a wet hen. and to deal with professional politicians?

hold me.
back, that is.

speaking of office fun...can someone tell me what the %^&*!@#! is wrong with me?
i have volunteered myself again. for another party planning.
while i am also planning a potluck for my workgroup.

i must have dame bramage.

the Big Boss' birthday is next week. her, administrative assistant, and yes, this is the same one who wanted to peel my arm, came to me in a panic (panicking is something she's really, really good at) because earlier this week she sent an email to the Boss' management team about the birthday and only a few of us have responded.

so apparently, i'm the mean one who can get money out of people. or break their arms.

oh, and i'm organizing the munchie day.

and creating a 'poodle album.'

damn. she's gooooooood.

oh, but there won't be a poodle album. (the boss has a full size black poodle she absolutely loves. but Roxana, her assistant, like another friend of mine, beats things to death. seriously to the point where you would learn to hate it, because she's taken all the fun out of it.

'sides, there ain't no such thing as a poodle album.

so - i'm going with a 12'' clipboard, some totally cool teal paper from Lil' Davis and some blue/green ribbon.
one of my old bosses there (hmmm. i just realized i have worked for every.dang.supervisor. there except for one...) who ROCKS in Photoshop and i will take pictures of everyone in the team holding a letter that will spell birthday. we'll take a picture of the boss' dog and digitally put a sign on her neck reading happy. then put it all together so it looks seamless.

ain't technology bitchin?

so, i'm collecting cash for a Nordstrom gift card and a cake, then we're all going out to a little local restaurant for lunch on her birthday.
this restaurant is right off a main thoroughfare in Los Alamitos (where i work). but they have tables in their back yard with a little waterfall and pond that you would think you were, well - someplace else.

oh, and did i mention the hot apple fritters they serve? constantly? they have a server who i swear their only job is to walk with a basket full of 'em.

sorry. i've drooled so much thinking about them that i've soaked the keyboard.

so you see - there's no way i can run for office. i'm too busy planning parties.

but i guarantee you this: if i do run and win, not only will i keep my campaign promises.
i'll plan one hell of a party for myself.


Doug Bagley said...

Technology would be if I could just figure out how to use it, LOL.

Anonymous said...

ok, so if you are such a good party planner, why don't you make a job change and become a real life one? You'd probably make boat loads of moolah!

Pat said...

Oh darn! I would have even been on your campaign committee!

Steff said...

Oh warm apple fritters sound so good! That and a glass of milk would make a wonderful breakfast.

Sorry, I got distracted.

I'm sure you're going to plan one bitchin' party! Feel free to plan one for me anytime you! What did you do to make the peeling better? I look...terrible on my arms and back. Hmm I wonder if very flaky is in these days?