Aug 16, 2007

my baby's been kidnapped!

except replace 'baby' with 'camera,' and 'kidnapped,' with borrowed.


can i say how nekkid i feel without it?

like this morning, when i saw this freaking incredible sunrise, coming through some thunderhead clouds? AND ALL I HAD WAS MY CAMERA PHONE?!


this whine, er....tale of woe, starts yesterday. the Husband called me in his best Debbie Downer voice. i immediately did a roll call of parents and remembered that there was no one left to go.

i am so going to hell.


turns out his camera (my old one) has gone nuts. it did this once to me before, and i found that Canon had a service order out to repair some doohickey with the viewing screen. the pictures don't turn out. it's a freaking mess.

Canon took my camera in their loving hands, and made it whole.

that was a year ago.

here we go - i called customer service and they will send me a UPS lable to send free of charge, babycamera to Illinois for repair.

hence, why he has my camera - so he can take pictures for work.

but the first thing out of Donny Downer's mouth was, 'how'd you like to upgrade to an SLR?'

mamma like. mamma wants. mamma's afraid i'm too stupid to figure out f-stops.

it might produce another f-word.

so, off we went to Best Buy. and i found one that could turn my head from my baby.


but. i do love my present camera. it's smart. it's smarter than me. it enables my dumbness.

but this Canon. my-my-my.

the only thing giving me pause is that i will need new lenses. again.

which means Husband would get my hand-me-downs. again.

and i'm whining. again.

i doubt this will come to fruition. but if it does, look for an insane Californian woman, being taken away in a straitjacket, mumbling something about the f-stops out to get me.


Anonymous said...

I'm always looking for that insane California woman, either in your neck of the woods or in my mirror! lol


chlorinejenny said...

I can't even get the timer on my stove to work let alone figure out how to use a fancy shmancy new camera.

I might think about buying it though if it made me look 30 pounds thinner with perky boobs and shiny bouncy hair sans grey!

Melissa said...

I can neither afford nor figure out an SLR (F stops? What?) so I got my current camera - somewhere between "I'm an idiot" and "I'm a pro."

The only thing I wish is that it had a hotshoe, because sometimes I really need a bigger flash so my pictures don't come out so grainy.