Aug 31, 2007

dagnabb hippie.

well. first it was my nose.
then it was this:

that would be a henna tat.
India ink.
sorry. i couldn't resist.
not sure why i did it, just got a wild hair up my bum and you go.
the lady who did it, created it all freehand. that in itself was amazing.
and it'll only last a few weeks. they'll love it @ work.
in other news...
it's hottenhades here today. as a matter of fact, in Sherman Oaks, about 40 minutes from us, it was hotter there than in Las Vegas.
that is SO wrong.
it's way too hot. and it ain't getting better this weekend.
i also thank you for your concern on the Husband. we talked last night. and if you know him you know how he can get. hopefully i managed to help him see the forest from the trees.
the farewell night of fun for my friend @ work went well...he and another of my friends and another girl from work stayed quite late. i would've probably, too, except that the Husband was there and he always worries about me coming home late by myself.
and i didn't even cry.
although... i got kind of worried when my former boss called and said she wanted to take a picture of me with him. so i thwarted her. i grabbed two of my friends and we ALL took a picture with him. then we serenaded him with all the songs we could think of that had 'good bye' in 'em.
all the original hits! 'so long, farewell'; 'sha-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, good bye,' 'who let the dogs out'.
hey. i never said we were good.
he laughed, was a little embarrassed, but enjoyed it.
i really hope he does well at the new job. he is a rarity today - a really nice, genuine person who doesn't look for anything from you, except your friendship.
and i think i did that. at least i hope i did.
i will miss him. i do already.
(and he was WAY nicer than the other lead, who thinks he IS all that - and even went so far as to tell me he didn't understand why he wasn't a supervisor, since he was smarter than his supervisor. dumbass. you may think it, but you sure don't say it. out loud. at work.)
and i will have photos later. this cruddy weather at least makes for some killer cloud formations. and colors.
have a safe Labor Day weekend. and thanks again. i don't deserve your friendship.


Pat said...

It sounds like things went well - and hopefully relieve some of the stress at work. Quick thinking to grab all the girls, and I would have given a bright shiny nickel to hear the serenade!
Happy Labor Day!
LOVE the photos!

skrpndiva said...

Hang in there baby.

I hate this weather! WTF?

It was over 100 here today!


jeff said...

I do like the tat. Nothing wrong with being wild now and then either.

Melissa said...

Glad you and the hubster had a talk, and glad to hear that your farewell party went well.

Love that tat!

Kenny said...

I just gotta know...the tatt...WHAT is it and WHERE is it? I'm guessing ankle but you just can never be too sure these days.
Hope you're enjoying the Mississippi heat I sent your way. Sounds like maybe you are!