Jan 21, 2007

who needs tabloids?

not that i read 'em (because i don't, but my Grandmother LOVED them. embarrased the beejeebers out of me when i would take her grocery shopping, and she would pull out either the Star or the National Enquirer from its rack to have a read.), but i get all the information i need, just by looking at the latest bulk email i've been getting.

consider these lastest deliveries to my In box.
from Eva D. Felix:
The Supreme Court has been attacked by terrorists. Sen. Mark Dayton dead!

funny. i hadn't heard about either. apparently his office hadn't heard he was dead.
and apparently they didn't know he wasn't up for re-election, so he's no longer a senator.

oh and this one, too, from Mimi:
Fidel Castro dead.

first i've heard. i'm sure the first Fidel's heard as well.

viva la internet!


Susie Q said...

You kill me kid, you really do!
My Grandma used to do that too...: )

I am gettingthe same email as you are...but today I got the header, "WW lll Has Begun! Take Cover To Protect Your Family!"
Funny hiw CNN missed that on it's prime tine news reports. But I made sure I had lots of bottled water, Coca Cola and chocolate just in case. : ) Maybe the National Enquirer will let us in on all the details.
I can only pray....*giggle*
Have a great week sweetie!
Love and hugs,

Melissa said...

First off, love the new template!

Second, I hear ya on the emails - you should see the ones I get, especially at work. Apparently, there are some farmers in India who are in a bad way and committing suicide, and someone takes it upon themselves to send me pictures! Uggh!

I'm just wondering how long after Fidel does pass on that the rest of the world will be kept in the dark.

doodlebugmom said...

WOW! Lucky you! All I get is offers for bigger boobs and a better mortgage rate.


Melissa said...

Doodlebug mom - we used to get all sorts of weight loss and "male enhancement" emails at work. One of my coworkers had been fighting her weight for years, and she was nearly in tears one day saying "Who are these people? How do they know I need to lose weight?"

When I asked her if she had certain male body parts that needed "enhancement" she realized they didn't know her as well as she feared.