Jan 1, 2007

thanks, Linda

ah yes...what better way to start out '07 than with an icy Diet Coke with lime and another poll?

2006 In Review
1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year? generally not...they're not my favorite things, but this year, it's to rejoin & stick with weight watchers.
2. Who kissed you at midnight? the Husband...but it was about ten after midnight
3. Did it snow where you live? nope - thank heavens!
4. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? no - but it seems like a crazy thing to do

1. Who was your valentine? My husband
2. What did your valentine get you? a card
3. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? oh yeah...as well as decorate our own mailboxes

1. Are you Irish? oh yeah - by genetics and marriage!
2. Did you wear green on St. Patty's Day? don't have to - according to the Husband (2nd generation Irish) if you're Irish, you don't need to wear green. thankfully, with all the sexual harassment laws, no one can pinch you anymore if you're not!
3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day? nothing to celebrate - cooked a huge corned beef dinner over the weekend when he was off work

1. Do you like the rain? LOVE it! it's the latent Pacific Northwest genes in me veins!
2. Did you play an April Fool's joke on anyone this year? oh - yes...it was a thing of beauty - but that's a post for another day
3. Did you get tons of candy on Easter? not this time...

1. What's your favorite kind of flower? daises..roses...
2. Do you like the spring? love it!
3. Finish the phrase: "April showers bring..." crazy drivers. So.Californians can NOT drive in the rain
4. What would you think of as a spring color? pinks, greens & yellow

1. What year did you graduate from school? 1980. 27 years. when did i get old?
2. Did you go on any vacations last June? nope - we usually go in October, but didn't last year because of all sorts of things

1. What did you do on the 4th of July? walked in front of our complex to watch the fireworks from Knott's
2. Did you go on any vacations during this month? no

1. Did you do anything special to end off your summer? nope
2. What was your favorite summer memory of '06? the Nephew's kindergarten graduation - so sweet!
3. Did you go swimming a lot in the summer? no...
4. Did you go to the beach a lot? have you seen how white i am? they don't make a SPF high enough to save my bum!

1. Did you attend school/college in '06? nope!
2. Who is/was your favorite teacher? Mrs. Gaede - 10th grade english
3. Did you like fall better than summer? sort of...here, the first part of fall is hotter than the summer!

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume ever? me, dressed as Britney Spears after 40
2. What's your favorite candy? Twix RULES!!!
3. What did you dress up like this year? Trailer Park Mama. why is it the older i get, the more i seem to dress up like sluts?

1. Whose house did you go to for Thanksgiving? my mom's, but we brought the food
2. Do you like stuffing? LOVE IT!!!!!
3. What are you thankful for? family, friends, Diet Coke & Peppermint Mocha Frappachinos

1. Do you celebrate Christmas? yes
2. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe? nope
3. What's the best present you ever got for Christmas? my digital camera a few years ago
4. What do you want this year for Christmas? wasn't a lot i wanted this year!
5. Do you like cold weather? oh yeah...would SO rather be cold than hot!

Happy new year...and may you have the best '07 evah!

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Jolene George said...

That was fun to read Valerie. I will wait to hear that awesome april fool joke you played. :o)