Jan 20, 2007

a first, kids...

this is the first layout i've done in a year.
seriously, a year.
not that i haven't done anything crafty, but not scrapbook pages.
it was for the CK Random Layout Challenge contest held this week, which i didn't win. which also isn't a big thing. i've come to the realization that my style and CK's style are two different things.
and i'm OK with that. i like what i do.


Susie Q said...

I, for what it is worth, love your style. : ) I wish I could print that way...mine is baaaaad.
Oh Val...I fell over thinking about the penguin thingee. I even dreamed about penguins! Or maybe you...as a penguin...who knows! *laugh*
Love how you write and tell a story!
Love and hugs,

cantellya said...

You may not have won, but the pictures are awesome! How precious the babies look!
My aunt & I made all our Christmas cards this year, and it took HOURS. I told everyone that this year's Christmas cards are coupons for next years presents, that way I'll know they didn't just chuck 'em!

Steff said...

I like that layout! I tend to lean to the clean and boring style of scrapbooking so I'm using that patterned paper as inspiration. And I love the way you stacked the photos in the corner! I'll have to scraplift that too!!! :)

Melissa said...

Love the layout - I haven't done much scrapbooking in a while either. I did, however, do something related - I bought a new album this weekend! I finally have a place for all the layouts I did last summer while Jason and Anna Marie were out of town.

doodlebugmom said...

Cute LO. Adorable subjects.

Happy Scrapping. I had a card over the weekend. I haven't done a page in months =(

Allison said...

I've made one scrapbook page in my life. Guess mom didn't pass on those genes... lol.

Pat said...

I've been on a long dry spell myself lately - this weekend I scrapped for the first time since Sept.!
Your layout looks great to me!
...and I haven't had any luck with CK either - I can't even get my subscription on time!