Jan 29, 2007

if you have kids or critters, this is for you.

Not being the kid parent (but instead the auntie & uncle that are fun & spoil everyone up the wazoo), but a critter parent, does have advantages. And many heartaches.

But there are still worries..and although they don't compare to having a human child, our little furbabies can still conjure up sleepless nights.

Or - it can involve you chasing your dang cat around the dang apartment because you know something's wrong, dang it.

Thankfully, not seriously wrong.

Elvis the Evil came running out from the room where we keep his food, water & loo. He would run, stop, squat, then run again. Being the alert parent that i am, i proceeded to chase him around the place with a wad of toilet paper, thinking something was stuck.

Sure enough...a little turd still attached to his bum by a blade of grass.

Now you may wonder how it can be that an indoor cat has grass...well, the grocery store i frequent sells kitty grass, and this boy of mine will climb up my leg when i come home with it.
He knows. And it's good for him, helps in his digestion and also doesn't seem to hurt in the furball department. It does seem to keep the production down.

Believe me, kids, you haven't seen comedy until you seen me chasing after a cat with a turd hanging off his butt, while the cat is wondering what the blank my problem is, that i'm so fascinated with said butt.

You just can't make this stuff up.


Allison said...

LOL... just ask mom about our kitty turd stories. we have quite a few.

The Wooden Porch said...

What happened? My message disappeared!

You made me laugh with that one. We've had cat issues of our own!