Jan 2, 2007

is today REALLY the first day of the rest of my life?

'cuz if it is, i want a refund.

just kidding.

actually, tonight is the last night i shall eat dinner by myself.

the last night i can watch whatever i want on tv.

the last night i could get in my jammies by 5pm iffn i wanted to.

tonight is Husband's last night at the Pennysaver. "the end of an era," he says.

over and over and over...

let the era end, i say.

he will be off the rest of the week (lucky ducky!), then starts the new job next Monday.

it really is cool...i've just gotten spoiled, being married only two nights a week. but it will be cool having him home (i keep telling myself that). just kidding.

i am looking forward to getting to know him...all over again.

in other news...the grand 3 month experiment starts today at work. the experiment where i move my desk to the other end of the office and act as the lead for the night supervisor, who's now days, supervising the proofing department.

we had a little meeting today, just him & i...it looks good so far.

but it's only day one.

still got three more months to go.

and the of my life to get to know the Husband again.


Melissa said...

I had a teacher in high school who sponsored me in academic competitions, so we got to know each other pretty well on our trips. She had been divorced at this point (20 yrs) for longer than she had been married (13 yrs) and said that if she ever remarried, he'd have to agree to be gone every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Guess she got used to doing her own thing too.

Have fun "reacquainting" yourselves!

Jolene George said...

That is so exciting to be starting a new job and even better to have a little time off to relax with you before he starts.