Jan 19, 2007

i'm too old for this crap.

so today at work, was Penguin day.

no, we don't spend Fridays in honor of those Tennessee Tuxedos (for those of us old enough to remember those cartoons). the last few years, my department has a different theme every year to promote accuracy. if you manage to go an entire month without an error, you get a certificate, candy and the all-important jeans day pass (we're jeans only on Fridays. sigh.).

in '06, because of "March of the Penguins," our theme was "The Power of Team," with a penguin for our mascot. we even bought a paper mache' penguin that had been used at a supermarket's frozen food promotion.

it's huge.

and now it's in pieces.

we used it as a pinata and smashed it good. then came the coup de grace.

me. dressed as a penguin. running all over the room tossing beads, candy and left over penguin prizes. watching people duck as Starbursts come flying through the air is actually pretty funny.

not to mention a 44 year old tossing confetti & candy like a demented (and straight!) Rip Taylor.

this year the theme will be Building Bridges. (at the beginning of the year, everyone in the company got limited edition watercolors of different bridges - hence, we're building bridges)

just don't expect me to come dressed as the Brooklyn Bridge. my butt's big enough.

in other news...
thanks for your emails about the Husband - i think it's just new job jitters - he so wants to make a good impression, to do the right thing, to make them realize they made the right choice in selecting him for the job, that he's over analyzing everything he does.

he also has less self confidence than his wife. (who has less self confidence than he thinks)
so i thank you for your good wishes, your cheering and your prayers. he has less belief in the power of prayer than i do, but i see what it can change.

and i know it can change him.


Coleen said...

OMG I am imagining you running throught the office whipping candy at people. Funny and a teeny bit scary!

cantellya said...

That's pretty hysterical. I LOVE starbursts!

Steff said...

That sounds too funny! My workplace could use a theme...we need some serious help in the working together department. Who knew high school never ended? LOL

Pat said...

Wow! great new look for your blog!
Thanks for the funny image here - I needed a smile today!
...bet the morale's great where you work!