Jan 2, 2007

not just germs...SUPERGERMS!

once again, i have no immunity against the germs of a six year old.

although truth be told, i most likely got this crap from my Husband...again.

i was sick, really feeling puny two weeks before Christmas. then the Husband got sick the week before Christmas, and of course was sicker than any human being before or since. then after we arrived in Reno, the Nephew got himself a mild case of strep.

so....i either got something from him, or left over from the Husband.

i'll take the Husband for $500, Alex. i kissed him a lot more than the Nephew.

so it looks like another night of NyQuil.

anything to kill the Germs That Will Not Die.


Susie Q said...

Dang girl. I hear ya. I can not shake what I have had. We just kept passing it back and forth around here. Yuck. You feel better okay?
Take care of yourself.
It was all that kissing huh? They told us it would get us in trouble and it did! *grin*

Get Well Soon!

Jolene George said...

you poor girl...sick again. My husband has a love hate relationship with nyquil...but he swears it works. Feel better and no more kissing for a little while!

doodlebugmom said...

Hope you are feeling better real soon!