Jan 21, 2007

any dream analyzers out there?

here's one to go figure:

i'm working in a roadhouse as a standup comedian, working on my routine which somehow seems to be morphing into a "Good Eats" episode.

oh, and Ronald McDonald and Wendy, the Good Witch from Casper the Friendly Ghost were there, too.

hmmm. maybe that rib eye steak for dinner last night was rarer than i thought.


Steff said...

Actually, I have a dream book a friend gave me in college because I was having some funny sleep patterns. Here's what I got...

If the roadhouse is in a town then someone is keeping something from you.

Yeah...I'm not so hot at this!

Anyway, I did want to mention that I scraplifted that layout from the previous post and put my results up on my blog...go check it out!

Steff said...

okay...I don't know if this thing just eat my comment or not, but I used that layout below for inspiration. I posted the results on my blog. Check it out if you're over that way!

Oh and if it's sent a bunch of comments to you for moderation...I'm sorry!

Pat said...

LOL! I'm going to go with the steak thing!