Jan 11, 2007

who knows what eeee-vil lurks in the hearts of man?

besides "The Shadow," that is?

me. it wasn't even Wicked Wednesday* and everyone was feeling the evil vibe.

(*Wik-ked Wed-ns-day - noun - a day of the week when being evil & not nice is accepted behaviour, assuming it stays between two people and no one is hurt.)

case in point: an employee in my old group has been out sick since a week ago last Wednesday (she was on vacation for the day after New Year's, should've been back the next day). her first day back was today.

she spent a goodly amount of time chatting today with everyone. (she's VERY good at that) at one point her supervisor & i observed her chatting with a supervisor from another department.

we looked at each other.

"maybe what i need to do is cross-charge her hours & productivity to Barb's (the supervisor chatting up our employee) department." Chatty Cathy's supervisor says to me.

"you could." i replied.
"but i'd wait until after they've finished talking, then tell Barb that Krista is back from being out for a week with the flu."

if being nasty is wrong, i don't wanna be right.


Melissa said...


I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Even though I'm one of those prone to be a Chatty Cathy - guess I should watch out!

Pat said...

Sheesh! was there something in the air this week? Wed. was bad for me too (only I called it "witchy Wed.") Everyone from my supervisor on down, were so critical and cranky. I think I'm going to change my day off to Wed. from now on!