Jan 9, 2007

look, ma!

first day with the big kids.
on his way to work at the new job.
i wanted to get him a new lunch pail, but for whatever reason, he felt i was being silly.
i don't know. it's seems like nothing says "new job" like a "Little Einsteins'' lunch box.
you go, baby. you'll do great.


Melissa said...

He looks so excited - I can't wait to hear how his first day went!

Susie Q said...

Sooo...how DID his day go? Aw I do think The Little Einsteins woulda been sweet...or Thomas?? The Wiggles?? I got a lunch box for Bill awhile back. It was an old Combat (The TV show) one from a garage sale. I wanted him to take it to the base but he said it was too cool! So it is on a shelf...and he said *I* have too many collectibles!

Hope you are feeling better Valerie!

Love and hugs,