Jan 23, 2007

describe me in five adjectives or less -


OK, so that's seven.

i have hardly moved from the sofa today. i don't feel sick, just sluggish, lethargic...

oh, you get the idea.

and the pissed part? because i missed my sister in law's phone call today. a wonderful opportunity to yak & chat, and i missed it. i had to move my car today, so a tree could be trimmed, and in the meantime, i decided to go to Target to kill some time.
talked to the Husband on the cell at Target, so i knew he called home first. naturally, when i got home and saw the message light flashing, i assumed it was him.

and you know what they say about assuming...

so Maureen...sorry, sorry, sorry. i wasn't dissing you. i just spaced.

gee. maybe going back to work will be a good thing.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

You're still on vacation?

You lucky dog!

I have two weeks of vacation every year (since I've been toiling away for so many years here) but I can't take them except in some piecemeal fashion.

Oh, how I'd love a few days off! The idea of one single issue of the paper that I leave in someone else's hands makes me giddy at the very thought.

I do, however, hope that your day gets progressively better from that list of adjectives!