Jan 5, 2007

snot everywhere

warning: this is not a post for the faint of stomach.

oh, stop. it ain't that gross.

it's the thing i hate about getting sick. i seem to be a never ending 24/7 producer of snot. regardless how many times i blow, twice as much replaces what i've expelled.

ah, the human body. a glorious and miraculous thing.

so's Advil cold & sinus. and what i really love is registering before i buy it..just like a common crack whore.

well, maybe that's a little extreme. but i can barely balance my checkbook, much less manufacturer meth.

what i can do, however, is cook. it's cold & windy here today, which blows most of the smog out. which makes it perfect soup weather. one of my favorites is meatball stew, out of a Campbell's cookbook. i love this book, because every recipe is interchangeable..you can change up soups, seasonings, veggies, etc and make a different meal almost every time.

i'm old-skool. and i don't like parsnips (which is one of the veggies). so i keep it at potatoes, carrots & french onion soup.

le yum. add to that, the Pillsbury French Loaf popped in the oven, and i am good to go.

hell - stick a fresh baked anything in front of my nose and i will follow you pretty much anywhere.

how do you think i got married?

speaking of...the Husband attended the memorial service for his employee that was killed, along with her husband on their motorcycle. he stood there, he said, in dress pants and a button down shirt, surrounded by men in leather chaps and vests and broads (no other way to describe them) either in jeans or mini skirts & stilettos.

he had no problem with the skirts & stilettos.

during this service, most of the attendees were members of the Hessians club. all he wondered was if it was the Hessians or Mongols that were real bad.

(it was the Mongols, BTW)

after the service, his employee's grandmother came by to introduce herself, and her grandson - the 7 year old now without parents. this kid, who is apparently far more grown up (and probably too quickly) than some of the grown ups there. this boy shook the Husband's hand, then said "i guess you're gonna have to hire two people to take my mom's place."

"that i am, sir...that i am."
good answer, honey.

again - it's a waste. a waste of human life. a waste for this boy who had to grow up a little too quickly, and now has to grow up without his parents.

and i have to wonder again why it is that we are denied kids.

but - this isn't about me. and once again, i have gone from snot to death.

someday i will learn to signal before i change subjects.

have a great weekend!

(p.s. - Jolene...it will all be well. our Father in Heaven has His eye on the sparrow...so you know He will be keeping Chad in the palm of His Hand. love you!!)


Pat said...

I can so relate to this (well, at least the snot part) I'm a little under the weather myself this week, and went through the same - everything but fingerprints & mugshots routine at the pharmacy!...Sheesh! excuse me for having the nerve to get sick!
...and wow - that was classy of your hubby to say that to the boy!
(now I want me some of that soup!)

Susie Q said...

Oh geez Valerie. I love the way you write. You are amazing, even full of snot. *sly grin*

I am still shaking my head about that poor boy. So grown up. so without parents because of stupidity. I hear ya.

Have a restful weekend...that dinner sounded mighty yummy. : )


doodlebugmom said...

(hugs)) to you and the hubby. Dispite the snot =D

Jolene George said...

I hope the snot has dried up by now...no fun having a constant runny nose.
It's so sad that that boy lost both his parents. I can't imagine! It always scares me when I ride with Mark.
Thanks...I love you too!