Dec 17, 2006

now i'm mad.

while waste is bad, foolish needless waster makes me angry.

like the quote from the movie "Network", i'm as mad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it anymore.

except for the fact that i have no choice but to take it.

yesterday, i mentioned that one of Husband's employees was killed the night before on a motorcycle, along with her husband, leaving a grown son, and a 7 year old son.

well, now the facts of the matter are coming out - and that's why i'm mad.

this woman's husband picked her up from work that night. they drove off. a few miles from the workplace, he ran a red light. they drove into a tanker. both were killed instantly.

why am i angry? he had "a few drinks" before he picked her up.

foolish. wasteful. and waste makes me angry.

because he chose to have a few beers (or whatever), i know he thought like anyone else who goes out drinking with the girls..or boys: i can hold my liquor. i'm fine. besides, i gotta get home.
but he made a choice.

and because of it, a seven year old will grow up with his parents.

that is what kills me.

(i'm always a little sensitive about kids being left, abandoned or orphaned - one of the never ending side effects of infertility)

we all make choices every day. silly, insignificant choices. to let the laundry go one more day. if we want fries with that. paper or plastic.

rarely, thank God, do our everyday choices effect the rest of our lives.

so i guess the point of this little rant is this: if you choose, choose wisely.

whether you think about the future or not - your silly choice today might seriously effect your future - and the future of your family.

happier posts later, i promise.


doodlebugmom said...

I hear ya hun.


doodlebugmom said...

I hear ya hun.


Allison said...

2 of my friends went to Milwaukee this weekend, and they were rear ended by an underage drunk driver. They were both ok, but a little freaked out. What a week for accidents.

Jolene George said...

Oh that breaks my heart! So sorry to hear such sad news.