Dec 1, 2006

cash rewards to you, the reader

serious. cashola.

all you have to do is wrap my freaking Christmas presents for me.


i HATE wrapping presents. i'm terrible at it. can't cut a straight line. curling ribbon? yeah, right. might as well just hand it to someone in the bag the store i bought the gift at gave me, because it would look better.

i have all these grand ideas for wrapping. this year, all the gifts (i decided) would be in red paper, red ribbon & silver bows.

i just keep forgetting that i'm the one wrapping them.

my mom, however, wraps beautifully. her presents always look like they were professionally done. but that gene, Gentle Reader, did not come across to her daughter.

kids - i'm 44 years old. my presents look like the six year old nephew wrapped 'em. (actually, that's probably not fair to the six year old)

corners matching? nope. even sides on the paper? not gonna happen.

you know that saying "measure twice, cut once?" i can measure 20 times, but i guarantee i'll be cutting more than once.

last night, my goal was to finish wrapping the presents for the sister-in-law's family & get 'em UPSd today. instead, i threw a hissy fit halfway through wrapping, flinging ribbon one way, the third attempt at cut paper the other and my paper cutter at the cat. (don't worry, by the time i started flinging ribbon, he was out of there. besides - not only can i wrap, i have no aim as well)

therefore - i will be at some store tonight, purchasing gift bags.

there's nothing wrong with embracing your limitations.


doodlebugmom said...

I'll do it. Pick me! Pick me!

I love wrapping! I had my hubby bring home the huge rolls of "ends" from work. So all my presents are wrapped in shimmery silver or bright white. I used the clear celophane like stuff for gift baskets.

Jolene George said...

LOL! I puposly buy gifts that have nice normal squared off shape so that they are easier to wrap. I have loads of wrapping with a large family and I really don't enjoy it either. :o) Gift bags are a great idea!

Samhains said...

hahahaha!!! ..OF shit I'm choking..(unaudible)....HAHAHAAaaaHAHAHAAaa...

NO.I will not do it,
I dont like it either.

I'd sooner eat green eggs and ham.

Allison said...

I was going to say, I'll nominate my mom for that job!