Dec 16, 2006

a record amount of babbling in one day, perhaps?

just's cold here. we have a storm a-coming, and right now it's windy & blustery. good snuggling under the quilt time.

just random things going on....

  • Brendan has taken the job offer - he'll start next year
  • on his way out to work he found out one of his employees & her husband were killed in a motorcycle accident last night. they left a 10 year old daughter. prayers for the Stewarts, if you please.
  • while wrapping gifts for his Christmas party tonight, i asked the husband if we were going to bring something to open while in Reno. he said yes, but that he doesn't have anything for me yet. "i'm gonna do some shopping when we get there," he says. i start laughing - since we get there on Christmas eve. "what are you gonna do," MissSmartAss sez, "go shopping in the airport? because nothing says 'i love you, baby,' like a travel pillow." aren't i bad?
  • have i mentioned it's cold?
  • there is NOTHING on TV. so i'm watching Back to the Future III.
  • if you haven't watched "Santa Baby" on ABC Family, do. it's a cute, sweet movie.
  • anyone know what to do with a cat that has a bald spot, growing down his spine? it's not much wider than my pinky, but long. i put some neosporem creme on it. if we take him to the vet, i worry he will have a seizure from the stress. that, i do not need.
  • if i could shake this headache, i would bake. latent Jewish mom that i am, i thought if i made some Dream Bars & gingerman cookies, B would feel better (this woman's passing really upset him)
  • cold. cold. cold. it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas.

hope your day is going better.


Susie Q said...

You just put a smile on my face your way with words. I am sorry about that headache...I have one too. WE can be miserable together...not that that fact will make you feel any better!

The cell phone stuff is so true...people amaze me on the silly things. I have heard somany, "what should be private", calls...*sigh*

Good luck with your shopping. YOu have some good ideas! I love putting together gifty bags/cans/mugs/cute packages...people love 'em too!

Have a good Sunday dear Valerie!


Susie Q said...

...and I need to mention that I will be praying for the Stewarts. How awful...I am so sorry.

Your poor kitty. Our first catm Hannah, had bald hind quarters. Never figured out why. She just developed them. Nothing helped. We joked about getting her 2 very tiny toupees...


Melissa said...

Your husband sounds like my dad. Growing up, he waited every year until Christmas Eve to do his shopping for mom, and I was always designated to go help him! I can't tell you how many Christmas Eves I spent, half an hour before the mall closed, trying to help my poor dad come up with a gift for my mom!

We'll be praying for that poor girl, and for your hubby who is so upset over it all.