Dec 28, 2006


final score: kids: 1,000 presents. adults: a bazillion dollars in debt.

just kidding.

by all accounts, Christmas was low key. the kids got some big presents, but there were only a few of 'em, so it all worked out. the Nephew ended up getting sick with a bit of a fever, and of course, since we were paying attention to him, the Niece wanted a piece of the action attention-wise as well.

too much fun.

the kids bounced on Moon Bounces from Santa (remember them? back in my day, we called 'em Hippity Hops). we fed Baby Alive (consider me officially freaked out by this doll. i had one, too when i was a kid, but it didn't look this weird. reminded me of an old Twilight Zone episode when a girl's doll came to life, but only to the father: "i'm Talking Tina and i'm going to kill you."

good times.

and as soon as Blogger gets over its PMS, i will be able to post photos. right now, i'm off for a peppermint mocha frappachino with the Husband.

life is good. and i'm ready for the New Year.

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