Dec 18, 2006

bad karma. good karma? or just a full moon?

it started off like any other day.

then the Husband got up, just before i was ready to leave for work...wanting me to read some letters he had written. he then reads them out loud.

baby, i love you, but if read them a) it'll go faster & b) i can actually see if you need anything rewritten.

i leave. i stop at the bagel place for a hot chocolate & bagel. i reach in my purse for my wallet, and find this big boxy black thing that strangely looks like the Husband's wallet.


after i get to work, i call him & tell him i have it. OK, i'll come get it later he said.

i worked in our Holiday Boutique again. oh, and i took home my items, since i didn't sell a single thing.

then i had scheduled a meeting with some people to brainstorm some ideas for next year. my boss, in the meeting with me, proceeds to take it over & run with it. then one of the team members proceeds to go on a rant about how everyone is getting a break at work but her.

ohhhhh kayyyyyyy.

finally, this frustrating day is done. i decide to stop at the grocery store to get some ingredients so i can do some baking & fudge making. i'm feeling better. grocery shopping does that for me.

OK, so i'm weird.

i get home. i'm making the Dream Bars, when i turn to the sink.

the pan of scalloped potatoes that i made for dinner last night are in there. covered.with.water.


apparently Husband decided the potatoes weren't good. i mourn. i move on.

Dream Bars are in the oven. i'm making fudge.

i don't have enough sugar.

Husband calls...he's on his way home from turning in his i ask him to stop & get me some sugar.oh, and why did you soak the potatoes?

i thought you were done with them, he says.

oh holy heck. i'm now in the market for a good glass of wine.

something that goes with Dream Bars.


Melissa said...

So sorry about your bad day!

I have a story too, but not one that tops yours - we drove an hour south for a Christmas party with our sister paper, and I had to make the trip with someone threatening carsickness the whole time! I repeatedly offered to pull over and let her get in front, but it didn't work!

Luckily, she didn't blow chunks in the company car, but she sure made the trip down unpleasant by looking "green around the gills," requesting that I turn the radio up (said it helped her carsickness) and rolling the windows up and down continuously.

Needless to say, she got shotgun on the way back.

Jolene George said...

You are the only person who can vent in such an entertaining way. I love that about you. Hope today is a better day. (((HUGS)))

Susie Q said...

Hmm..a nice fruity chablis??
Yum. Fudgy dream bars. Save some for me!

Love your story. Sounds just like conversations I have had with both husband and son. Must be a guy thing? : )

Have a great Tuesday!