Dec 28, 2006

isn't this what Christmas is all about?

eating homemade fudge. spending time with family. scrapbook shopping for the cousin in Ireland. having a glass (or two!) of hot buttered rum. watching kids open their presents to giggles and exclaiming "i've wanted this my whole life." and "this is exactly what i wanted!"

it's about wrapping presents on Christmas eve until midnight, eating the cookies & drinking the milk for Santa, and making the carrots & oats disappear. it's about taking pictures, making memories and playing Monopoly Here & Now.

it's about snow.

it's about arriving at the airport to discover your flight is 30 minutes delayed. you feel annoyed, until you find that the flight before yours is still at the gate, not even boarded. and they were supposed to leave @ 5pm, but now it's after 7.

but mostly it's about a sleeping husband and a really pissed off cat.
oh, and our socks strewn about our abode...courtesy of pissed off cat.

we got home an hour ago. it's time for both of us to snooze. pictures to follow.


Melissa said...

For us, it's about getting together with family, remember the awful-at-the-time things that have happened to us. Because only family can share those memories with you.

And about not mentioning some of those awful-even-now memories. Because only family already knows what goes unspoken.

Glad you guys made it back - can't wait to see the pictures!

Susie Q said...

I will look forward to those pictures! Till then, glad you are back safely, even with an angry feline! Unfortunantly, I know all too well just how angry a cat can get! *laugh*
Hope that dinner you were deciding about was delicious!

Susie Q said...

Um...but Valerie! Why did you eat the cookies and drink the milk??? It was Santa's!!! Um..didn't the reindeer eat the oats and carrots?? Huh?? Oh gosh..I feel woozy. Poor reindeer...poor Santa! I am shocked!
Sue (yes, again!)