Dec 16, 2006

defining my state of mind.

in·san·i·ty [in-san-i-tee]
the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind.
Law. such unsoundness of mind as affects legal responsibility or capacity.
Psychiatry. (formerly) psychosis.
extreme folly; senselessness; foolhardiness.
shopping at Wal-Mart the last full weekend before Christmas.

wait. #5 is not as crazy as you think. well, not as crazy as i thought.

i hustled through, getting these super-cute 1/2 gallon decorated paint cans for Husband's Christmas gifts to his fellow managers. tissue paper. boxes. candy. Bounce. popcorn. hot cocoa mix. (yes, all but the Bounce sheets will go in the cans. although if i did, they would smell of chocolate AND Bounce citrus. which ain't such a bad thing.)

the insanity of it all was, of 20 registers, only four were open. four. with at least ten+ people in each line
who manages that store? the Marquis de Sade?


the Garden center was open. and ready to check me out.
happy dance time, kids. happy dance.

i believe by the time i was pushing the cart out of the garden center, there still were some schmucks standing in line. waiting. while i skipped my way to the truck, where a peppermint mocha frappachino waited for me..courtesy of the Husband.

all in all, a lucrative morning's work. with no insanity in sight.

merry & bright.

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Pat said...

Awww...!!! I love a happy ending!!!