Dec 7, 2006

looking for the answers to life's unanswered questions...

today is Thursday. this means that the Holiday Boutique @work will be open and i will work my shift as usual.

riddle me this: why is it that cool handmade stuff like earrings, crocheted scarfs and yes, paper bag books AREN'T selling, but some things like jars filled with cookies from last year (no i am not kidding) are selling like hotcakes.


this boutique is doing some good, 10% of the proceeds goes to a youth shelter nearby. but what i don't get is how can most of the stuff in it be crap from a cheesy gift store...and sell. while some really cool homemade things don't even move.

seriously. one of the mail room workers is selling his collection of mini Beany Babies. from McDonalds.

i don't get it. not a bit.

i'll see if i can take a picture. but i'm annoyed. not only that my handiwork isn't selling, but that the two coordinators of this thing insist on using really strong potpourri in the store. it's really, really strong. it made one lady lose her voice. when i said something, i was treated as if i had spat on the grave of their grandmother.

come on.

can't we all just get along? oh, and buy some of the handmade works while you're at it.


Jolene George said...

I was incharge on the holiday house at the elementary school lasy year and I was so surprised by the crap that was selling and the really cute stuff that wasn't. Makes no sense to me.
I say walk in there, grab that potpourri and toss it outside in the dumpster. They need to be considerate of others. For pete's sake a lady lost her voice!

Susie Q said...

Oh wow. People do buy crap and have no taste! I know..I know what they say about taste being subjective and all that crap but really! I am always surprised about the things I see sell when other really unique and special things go untouched. Do not let it get you down. Those people did NOT deserve your work!

That pot pourri sounds atrocious! Ugh.

Sorry you had such a sour time of it.

Feel better okay? Stay well...