Dec 29, 2006

Happiness, Sickness & Distress

When i was in Rainbow for Girls, we conducted meetings twice a month. It taught us (well, me anyways) poise in public speaking, walking & sitting like a lady (sort of) and the basics of running an organization.

We were responsible for creating a budget for each term, raising money as well as planning service projects and just having fun.

We had a notebook with three sections: Happiness, Sickness & Distress. Before each meeting, anyone could write under each section what made them happy or distressed (generally getting an B on a tough math test, not getting a B on the math test, having David Hunter ask you to the movies. *sigh*), then read them during the meeting.

So now, 30 years (?! good grief) later, i give you the internet version of H,S & D:

New Year's is just around the corner (that can also be Distress)
i'm sitting here, snuggled under a quilt, eating homemade fudge (like i need it)
i have a snoozing kitty on my lap
"Good Eats" is on TV right now, and my beloved Alton is discussing bar basics and mixing some old-school drinks. makes me wish i had a swanky dress with some kitten heels, listening to Dave Brubeck in a jazz bar at Surfside 6.
did i mention the homemade fudge?
New Year's is just around the corner (told ya)
i decided to have some split pea soup for dinner. from.a.can. i almost hurled. that was the grossest thing i have seen in a while. thankfully it tasted better than i looked, but it still looked like ca-ca. all i can say is that it sure wasn't my sister-in-law's ever-so-yummy homemade soup.
we believe our downstairs neighbor, an older gentleman could be in the hospital. i say "believe" because on Christmas eve the fire department were in our parking lot, with an ambulance AND a passenger, but neither of us could see who was in there. he does have some intestinal problems, but the bottom line is we don't know for sure. he has a girlfriend living with him (it's weird. kinda like my grandma living with a fella.) but we haven't caught her at home to find out for sure.
while the Husband & Cat have seemed to overcome their illness, today i woke up with a touch of a sore throat. But after a two hour nap, i feel better. Well, face it: naps & homemade fudge are a good cure-all.

As for New Year's, we will be making reservations at a local teppan (think Benihana) restaurant, then home to probably watch Dick Clark...or whoever is playing Dick this year. nice. quiet. i dig that.

Cheers. 2006 will not pass into oblivion without another rambling missive from yours truly.

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Susie Q said...

You feel better okay? I prescribe more fudge, hugs and kitty purrs and you will be right as rain!

We too have a quiet new years planned and that is just how we like it!

Love your Christmas piccies...such sweet faces! The happiness of kid's on Christmas is magical!

Oh, I LOVE your Alton! He is too cute!