Dec 13, 2006

dumb things you see when driving -

seen on the way to my job today: a bumper sticker reading, "BE American. BUY American."
on the back of a Toyota Tercel.

no lie.

now granted, most Toyotas are built here, but kids...let's use our brains, shall we?

also seen on the way to work...

a couple parked in front of the high school near my job. tonsil grabbing.
normally not a big thing...high schooler, right? hormones a-raging.
they were my age. my age.

what th'?! GET A ROOM!!!

taking a page from the Book of comes some random thoughts...
  • tomorrow should be Friday. i've already worked a week in just three days.
  • when Friday does come, we will not only have our Christmas lunch & white elephant gift exchange (always a hoot) during the day, and that night a group of my friends will also have a white elephant gift exchange, along with pizza & beer.
  • last weekend, my dear Husband worked his arse off @ the in-laws, hanging Christmas lights and other assorted decorations. let's face it, my step-pop is 80. he has no business climbing up a ladder.
  • my dear Linda, this past Sunday, hit a patch of black ice on the way to church and rolled her truck - along with her son & herself. no serious injuries, altho' she has a concussion and feels like crap. poor girl was stuck in the truck for about 20 minutes...she said it was the longest mammogram she'd ever had.
  • Christmas gifts were finally shipped to the sister-in-law. thank heavens THAT'S off my list.
  • i still need to shop for the Husband - any ideas?
  • the Husband got an early Christmas gift today...the job he really wanted called & asked him to come in Friday to discuss a starting salary & date. i am more grateful to you for your prayers & to God for allowing it to happen...he's been sooo stressed (his own doing!) from work and now that he sees an end to his hell, he's a happy boy. however, when he's about four weeks into the new job, i will be reminding him non-stop about how much he wanted this job...especially when he starts whining that the job sucks!
  • still needing to finish some shopping - and no ideas. it may just be gift cards and to heck with the Husband (he feels it's tacky to give gift cards - i say walk a mile in my heels and try to come up with something original for friends & family!).
  • i think we need to move to northern CA..i want to work for Google. they have a HUGE, buffet cafeteria. and the food looks faboo.

alright. enough boredom for one post. a happy hump day to you & yours. only 11 more shopping days - crap!!!


Jolene said...

You totally make me laugh!
thinking adults tonsil grabbing scream affair to me.
I am SOOOOO happy about the new job for your husband! So cool and a huge blessing!

Susie Q said...

Valerie, youare a total hoot. YOu made my night! : )

Congrats on the new job for your husband. : )

Have a super Thursday...see y again soon!